Screen Grab - TV Show Game


The show or the symbol? Cause I looked it up and its an ankh. The show is something you have to figure out yourself I mean you are the first guess and its been like 3 minutes.


The symbol. Sorry I shouldn’t have said anything as I don’t know the show at all, I was just commenting on the necklace as I do have a tattoo of it, and in your screen grab, it is oddly pronounced


That was unintentional so don’t go think it is a hint. Out of all the pictures I could find on notice he is one of the least recognisable people from the show.


Don’t know but the guy looks like a crack addict.


I guess he does but that is more to do with the manic nature of the show than any hard drug themes. Really I am just waiting for Shaw to swoop in and guess. I know for a fact LordShaw will get it but if you want to keep on guessing I wont stop you


Well, now i feel bad, cuz i got no clue :smiley: I’m not recognizing the guy and although the background is familliar, i can’t pinpoint where i saw it. So i’m just gonna blindly shoot - Mighty Boosh maybe?


No it is not but it is British


Uuuh, Spaced?


Older than that but it is nice to see someone who watched the show (the good one not the Yank one). If I wanted people to guess Spaced I would have picked the American one. WooooOoooO!


Wait, there is American one? what :laughing:


Yep I am pretty sure there is. They tried to top Wright but they couldn’t. A lesson Disney has not learnt sadly.


Ah, now i know. But don’t wanna tell, since i found it through browsing the list of all of the britcoms, so it doesn’t feel fair.

Never bumped into this one for some reason, and i watched all the britcoms i could get my hands on back in the day.


Do it.


Do it, do it..


Alright, it was The Young Ones
Sorry to disappoint, @Accidental-kills98 :laughing:




Yes it was the Young Ones. Sorry I honest though that if you knew Black Books and Spaced you would get The Young Ones. Apologies.


Pffft, entrapment!

@Accidental-kills98 hey, i would though too :smile:


Once again, knew it immediately but was out in the real world haha


Wanna take over? I will use this one another time, doesn’t feel fair :smile: