Screen Grab - TV Show Game


Here’s mine:

Really though, someone post something.


Oh well that one is easy. Futurama.


It’s just me saying “let’s go already!!!” To @doom-generation and @LordShaw once they’ve figured out their wedding plans


I know either of them can go. First come first serve.


Oh goddamit. Getting all confused today. :pensive:



Hey if I could drive home and keep up with this thread at the same time I would.


Fair enough. We are getting pummeled with snow here in Michigan so all my classes got canceled


Don’t know but that guy is in homeland.


Yep, that’s him.


Is it Chicago hope??


Nope. It got something to do with toilets.


Wait, is this dead like me??


Yep! :+1:


I used to love that show! I think I watched them all but not 100% sure.


I don’t remember him getting married in this and I thought I’d seen them all. maybe it was a fake wedding and I forgot :thinking:.



Six feet under? 20cunts


No. .


Ginger-ish hair and a blue suit - Mentalist? Never saw it but there were teasers for it on the TV all the time.


Well I’d say he’s blonde not ginger but yes you are correct. I really don’t remember him getting married though.

Edit: It was probably a flash back as his wife and child or just wife got killed, I don’t remember.


Looking at pics of him, he’s all over the place :smiley: He appeared maybe more ginger to me, bc the contrasting blue suit he always had in promo videos