Screen Grab - TV Show Game


Easy it’s preacher and that is Hitler escaping from hell.


Shit, yeah. I knew i should have pick that other pic with coffin :unamused:


Here is another, this should give it away.


Ah it’s that thing I always see adverts for but it never looks good enough to really take notice of!


I think it’s worth a watch, I’m on season two. It does get boring if you binge watch it though hence why I’m taking a break from it.

You’d have to be BLIND not to know this answer!


I guess I’m blind. I’ll say that first pic looks like what I’d imagine Nick Offerman looked like in his late 20s


It’s Blindspot, I couldn’t have made it any easier. Anyone can take a turn.


Allow me. I give it 5 seconds.


Chappelle’s Show



That’s right.


Somebody else take my turn, I don’t have time, sorry.


Okay, twice in a row… Be warned: I’ll run out soon


Burn Notice? If that’s right, anyone can go next. Sadly I got no time to post a pic at the moment.


Burn notice is correct. Anyone can go. This thread will die otherwise


Not on my watch.



O.C. ?


Incorrect, it’s called The O.C.

I guess I will give it you this time though :wink::yum:.


Jokes on you, i’m fully correct in my country :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: Reviving the thread, another clue






Yup! :slight_smile: