Screen Grab - TV Show Game


I haven’t seen this except episode one, I may have to give it a watch.


Some might say that it’s a dreadful TV show :wink:.


Penny Dreadful, I guess?


Yeah I pretty much gave that one away as nobody seemed to get it.



Yay for two-episode “seasons”.


Luther is the answer, next.


Wrong. It’s Loofah :laughing: you failed the test


What are you talking about :joy:, chose another one that was too easy.


Reapz plz, it’s a joke about how they pronounce Luther

and you’re damn right it was easy, the shows I’ve watched are all generic and easy to spot huehue

you go, I have no interest in going next


Fair enough, anybody else want to go?


I’ll go one second




Is it a show called American Gothic?




there’s a 5th season in development even though the 4th was thought to be the end of the series


I know I have seen it and that’s what came to mind first, hmmmmm.


I don’t really remember that actor being in the show but going by your hint Prison Break is one of the first google results for tv shows with season 5 airing in 2017 (and the show supposedly ended with season 4).

In case I’m right, here’s my screencap. If I’m wrong just ignore it.


You’re right it’s the brothers son who’s names I have forgotten.


Your right that was LJ (or Lincoln jr)


I don’t know how I forgot the names I watched like three seasons at least.


Don’t worry I’ve only watched the series like 5 times, I love the series