Screen Grab - TV Show Game



2020 burgers



Quantum Leap?



Yes! Loved that show as a kid


Yeah, I use to watch it with my folks.


I have no idea but I hope someone guesses because I want to watch it.


Well if no one gets it after another hour or two, I’ll spoil the name. But in the second pic you can see a V in the middle, which is the first initial of the show. The other is B.


How does no one recognize the Venture Bros


Guess a lot of folks don’t watch Adult Swim. You’re up next.


If you need hints feel free to ask.


Pretty sure that’s In Living Color. That show was golden. Anyone can take the lead, I’m passing.


Correct. turns up for grabs then guys!


Here’s one for you guys.


Looks like we are going to need clues.


Clue 1: The creator of the show is notorious for having the shows he’s involved in get canceled way too soon, the latest of which was Hannibal.
Clue 2: "I’m not an avenger. I’m a pie maker "
Clue 3: Touch dead people/animals/plants/etc. to make alive again. Get clues about murder from the deceased. Touch again within one minute to make dead again, or somebody/thing else will die in it’s place.


Would never have guessed from that screenshot as I haven’t seen it but it’s called pushing daisies. I think I should try it, sounds like a good show.

One of my favourite shows as a youngster.


Just do it. :grin: It can be schmaltzy at times, if you like that sort of thing. (Which I do. Haha.) The main draw for me is the word play in the dialog and of course the visuals. If you didn’t notice, all those shots were homages to the Hitchcock films Psycho, Vertigo, and The Birds.
I still gotta watch all of Hannibal. I saw the first few episodes when it first came out. I wonder if it’s gonna ever come to Netflix? :thinking:

BTW, the answer for that one is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. One of my favorite episodes. The one where no one could talk.


That is the correct answer, Hannibal season one is on Netflix in the UK. I definitely will I meant to watch it when it came out but never did.


Unfortunately, I live in the U.S. :cry:
Edit: Gotta go look for a screenshot from something else not too obscure. Haha


Bummer hopefully they put it on, if not it’s totally worth picking up on DVD or Blu-ray. It’s probably my all time favourite series and not just because I love Mads :joy:.