Screen Grab - Video Game... game


Inspired by the Screen Grab - Movie Game thread (Screen Grab - Movie Game)…

Very simple!
You just get a single screenshot from any video game and someone has to guess the title of the game it’s from.

The person who gets it correct, then takes a screenshot of their own and so on.

Do not go out of turn!
Only post a screenshot, if you were the person that got the previous one correct.

I’ll start… What game is this from???


Mark of the Ninja, right? It’s the only ninja game I know :cry:


Correct. :smiley:

Your turn Spodey.


:joy: Just kidding haha great idea! :+1:


aww yiss

This one goes out to @scm97tl


:confused::bear:. And you keep the salt flowing, @Spodey. Good to know.


Is it FarCry 3?


Far Cry 4?



Indeed, 'tis #4.


I can’t believe I didn’t get that, the radio tower on the mini-map should have been a dead giveaway. :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps a tough one? My favorite game, tied with God Hand.



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Nice, legitimately didn’t expect someone to get it immediately.


Never played it, but the art style is pretty distinctive. :smiley:




Thief 2.



Thief 2 FTW. :smiley:

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This one is probaby too obvious, but lets see.


Thief 2 is another one of my favorites.

As is this.


Time Splitters? Maybe?