Screen Grab - Video Game... game


sorry, i really forgot it :joy:



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Edition.

This is the Snes version .


thats correct, its your turn! :slight_smile:


Thank You. I warn you that i’m more oriented on retro-gaming, and i would pick some very old ora obscure game. If you guys have difficulty on guessing the game, let me know and i’ll try to pick something more recent.:wink:

Edit: how do i upload my own images on the post?
Sorry, i’m a noob.


Hmm…looks like Ninja Warriors I think.


Ok, it is.



Is that one of the final fantasy games? Looks so familiar.


Sorry but not any FF game.


The graphics in this image seem to me like made using Frostbite. It looks too gamey to be one of the Star Wars so I’ll go with Mass Effect. Andromeda probably.


Yep, it is indeed! Nice deduction.


Going next or looking for a pic? @Supernova


Creativity below 0 so I’ll just put this one.



GTA 2 with your trusty Claude Speed protagonist, doing odd jobs for everybody.


thats the best title on the series, still have it for the first Playstation :slight_smile:




Is that one of the F.E.A.R. titles?


Yup but wich one? :slight_smile::bear:


Is that the F.E.A.R. 1 expansion Expansion Point?

Extraction Point even.


That’s right. Your turn.