Screen Grab - Video Game... game


@Nazareth Yup that is the game. You’re turn.


Speaking of old favorites…



Is that an f zero game?


Good guess but no. I use to play this one the Dreamcast console.


Hydro Thunder from Midway?


Correct and on point!


Played the shit out of it on PS1 and on arcade machines. I will admit that the fact the screenshot had a lap count confused me. I remember very little circuits. Mostly sprint races.

Here is another game I played the shit out of. Hell of a lot more than Hydro Thunder I may add.



Not gonna lie; haven’t played a single Football/Soccer game. But…you mentioned the PS1 and I can try and narrow it down to…FIFA Street Soccer?


I actually didn’t connect the sentences in which I said “PS1” and “played the hell out of it”. Also, you don’t really need to say both “FIFA” and “Soccer” on the same title. Try to avoid the latter.

Ultimately, it is not “FIFA Street” however. But you’re close.


My mistake. Mostly a guess on my part. I’ll try…Pro Evolution Soccer 3?

EDIT: Scratch that. FIFA Street 2.


Played this a few times before moving on to much better games.





Yes. I could not give you two wins in a row by just getting the franchise but not the intsallment right. Sorry.


It’s all good. No harm, no foul.


Jam something. Isn’t the game about the rappers and hip hop people who beat their asses with a lot of suave moves?


You got it. Def Jam Vendetta.




Off the top of my head I’m thinking Bayonetta, maybe?


Nope. That would be too obvious.


Is it a silent hill game, it reminds me of those mannequins in the series


You are on the right track. Now wich SH game is?