Screen Grab - Video Game... game


Deus Ex: Human Revolution! Hengsha port, am i right?


Yep! Your turn.

It makes me really sad that the future of Deus Ex games are in trouble, I hope the series doesn’t end.


Someone can take my turn

Yeah, it’s really sad to see Square Enix kill so many titles




Is the game Battlefield Heroes?


Yep, thanks to Revive we can play it again! Your turn now.



I mean, it’s obvious that this is a LEGO game, but…
LEGO Knight’s Kingdom?


It is a Lego game, but not Knight’s Kingdom.


Lego The Hobbit maybe?


Is that a Lego island game


Neither I’m afraid. It isn’t one of the Lego movie tie-in games, the game would of been released in the 90s.


Is it Lego Chess? I looked up Lego games that were released in the 90s, if that’s cheating I don’t mind if you do something else.


Yes it is Lego Chess. I don’t mind tbh since nobody seemed to be getting it, so you’re happy to go.


I might have done this game before but this game is one of the worst (best) games of all time.



Is this Bad Ratz?


Of course it is, it’s only the greatest game ever made. Your turn.


This should be easy


its Team Fortress 2 i guess?


Yep, you are right!