Screen Grab - Video Game... game




What happened to this thread? Should we just skip @MrOchoa’s turn, or you could just do a different game.


It looks vaguely familiar but I can’t call it. I was hoping somebody else would get it. Maybe some more pics @MrOchoa?


the game is called “Slain“, whoever wants can take the next turn.


OK then


Is the game Shadow Warrior?


Yep, your turn now



Might need a little help with this one. :thinking:


Released in 2003 for Gamecube and PC. Never got a sequel but the title character has made cameos in other games.


Ok, I think it’s called Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg.


That is correct. Your turn.




Someone can take my turn.


Easy one:
My favourite game.
Edit: I have to go to sleep now, sorry. If you think you’re right, just look it up and continue.


I haven’t played any of the Metal Gear Solid games, but isn’t one of them called Snake Eater?


Since he left, I can clarify that’s correct. Your turn.


Someone can have my go, I’m on the bus and that image I originally sent said the game name, lmao.


I’m at my PC, so I’ll just take my turn so I don’t slow anything down.



Fucking loved that game… never finished it. :sob::broken_heart: