Screen Grab - Video Game... game


Can i ?

a bit of childhood nostalgia


Re-Volt? I haven’t played it, but I did a quick bit of detective work. lol


You got it! (it was not reverse image search tho, ey? :D)
The first game we played, when my dad brought home our first family PC, you were able to sabotage other cars or build your own tracks.

Your turn!


No. I’m not techie enough to even know what that means.

I googled the “Phat Slug” in the bottom corner. :smirk:


Oh! See… solution so simple, that i wouldn’t have thought of it :sweat_smile:


Spooky one.

Hint: You can’t see the teeth there, but she’s a vampire.


Well done, 05prash05, nobody had a clue what that was. You defeated us.


That was Alley Cat from IBM, created as far back as 1984.


No ideas? More clues. The game was similar to God of War (at the time).

There’s also a TV show of the game currently on Netflix in the UK.





Correct! But have you got a subtitle to go with that? :smirk:

It’s a more recent Castlevania game.


I do not, I just took your clues to google.

I’m gonna guess Lords of Shadow after more googling


Good guess.

Well done. You’re up, Agent Smith.


Here’s an OG classic


Hitman Go: Egypt. 47 is disguised as that darksinned dude in the middle.


No, that’s just me :slight_smile:


Age of Empires.

Or as it is known in The USSR: The Proletariat’s Civilization.


Is the video game Age of Mythologies?


It’s age of mythology, so @Silvereyes gets it. Well done!

Age of empires is oh so close @Accidental-kills98


Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 1.

One of the greatest experiences I ever had in any entertainment medium. A timeless masterpiece.