Screen Grab - Video Game... game


You missed a few chapters then, you gotta step it up man.


Oh forgive me I am only up to the part where Phyrrus punched out a legion of radioactive super-war elephants




So is this Age of Mythology or Fallout 76? :laughing:

Hope you’re doing alright mate


You know what would have been better and a tad more accurate? Fallout New Vegas.:grinning:

I am fine but patrolling the Mojave makes you wish for a nuclear winter.


That was a great game.

@FunkySoulGentleman It looks very 90’s, I have no more guesses


It’s from 2006. Titan Quest.


So is Titan of Boy a precursor to God of Boy?


Noooooo, shouldn’t have given it up so fast. As far as I’m concerned, its still your turn @FunkySoulGentleman


Nay…its quite the niche game.

Anyone can have my turn…


More like a spiritual precursor to AC Odyssey lol.


Sooo here is mine.


Damnit it man, I was procuring another OG screen grab,

Dragon Age?



Not gonna lie thought you would beat me too it.

Also I will pay out your answer since it is technically Dragon Age II.


Does this mean I win :slight_smile:


Yes that means you win.


I knew I liked you.


It’s extremely cropped, not the style I’d like any of my personal screenshots to be, but It’s enough for this game.

Shot is of the ultimate “Prize”


Sid Meyer’s Pyrates?


What’s with the spelling? Correct though, very quick, I assume you’ve played it. Excellent game given it’s age


I thought the game was spelt with a Y like the traditional spelling of the word.