Screen Grab - Video Game... game


So here is my shot again.


I think you’re wrong here.

Second look: You’re right, the in-times spelling is that, but I think this changed during the 18th century. Feel free to school me, but I expect evidence


No, you are correct the spelling changed by the time the Golden Age of Piracy ended. I thought that Sid spelt it like that for the visual strike and historical flair.


Pirates are my shit.


Yeah well I guessed your strategy-simulation game now try to guess mine.:grinning:



My first thought is Sim City, But I don’t play either :rofl:

My official guess is the former


Sorry but it is neither.


Tropico 4


Eh close enough it was Tropico 5. Your turn now.


The new ones looks all the same :roll_eyes:


I resign.


Yep that is why I let it slide. I have the distinct feeling I have seen your game before.


Reminds me of Pokemon but I don’t think it is.


it’s an indie game released in 2018, heavily inspired by 80’s


Ooblets? Looks similar to a picture of it on Google or donut county?


I think it’s called crossing souls??


Right. It’s Crossing Souls.


I’m gonna post one real quick as I know panther is sleeping, He can always tell me to stfu if he isn’t:


Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag?

I know there are other pirate games around right now, but the ones I’ve seen haven’t got very realistic graphics.


Aye, Cap’n