Screen Grab - Video Game... game


Not quality ones. A shame for me, a pirate lover.


Yeah, but watching Angry Joe’s constant disappointment is amusing, at least. lol


What’s Angry Joe’s?

(It sounds like a fast food joint)


He’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest, gaming YouTubers.

Obviously not that big, though, if you don’t know him. lol

lol. It does.



Counter Strike: Global Offensive?


No, sorry. I admit, this one is bit … misleading. :smirk:


It ain’t absolution is it? And nobody laugh at me! It’s been years since I’ve thought of that game


It is Splinter Cell: Conviction.


OK, not that misleading if you’ve played it. lol

Yes. That one flashback level in the game that’s all shooter instead of sneaking.


No, but as you can see from what it was, you were pretty close. Same genre.




Super Smash Bros 1901 edition


You are drunk, aren’t you?


Probably. But that game is definitely Tonga


Nah, I was just hoping to make the corner of your mouth curl a little bit.

Why do you say this?


Just kidding. And @Accidental-kills98, the name is close but not correct.


Come on. I have given it out to being close before. Maybe Tonga 2. You know I am probably the only one who could guess it. I own at obscurities like this


I’m pretty sure I was right, Falco was my main in the OG game.


Really I would play Cpt. Falcon and spam the Falcon Punch or suck people up as Kirby and jettison them off the field.