Screen Grab - Video Game... game


Ok. It’s Tomba or Tombi. Those are the names for Worldwide and JP, respectively.


Well I was closest (although Smith might disagree) so I’ll go. Probably an easy one


I want a new splinter cell so badly! I used to love those games, always been into good stealth gameplay.

@Accidental-kills98 Life is strange?


Life is Strange - Before the Storm (right?)


Hey I said it first Mr, I think there is more than one though right? I’m guessing if there is you win this one as I wasn’t specific enough.


There are multiple LiS games, so I assume you mean the first one when you said ‘Life is Strange’.


I haven’t played them I just knew it was one of them.


Pretty sure you’re right so do you want to take your turn?


Danger_Dog is right so he goes.



Mario something something game.




That’s not the princess from Mario?


Yes but that would make it Peach something something Game. Not a Mario whatever whatever Game


Didn’t know she had her own game. Played a bit of Mario and Mario kart as a kid but not much. I just know it’s Mario related.


Going out on a limb here: Luigi’s Mansion?


Occasionally the other Mario characters get a game. Not often though Mario gets fussy when he is not i the spotlight.


Mario and Luigi: partners in time?




Took some Google research of Mario related games but I got there.