Screen Grab - Video Game... game


Uhhh Ninja Gaiden?

Sooo many ninja games


Nope but good guess.


Well my knowledge of ninja games is rusty because I am a spacer or fantasy guy.


I haven’t played many but I’ve played this.

Edit: This is number two of a series of games.


Tenchu 2


Tenchu. #oldschoolninjastealth

Edit: Speaking of ninja stealth, @EricTheAussie just ninja’d me. lol



I’m the best




Does that mean it’s my turn




OH SHIIIIIT image hold on lads I’m gonna pull out the sickest most obscure video game for yous, not this easy basic bitch stuff




Well nothing but a game like that will make this game come to a screeching halt.
Is the Burger King Tycoon?


lol. Wouldn’t say Tenchu was that easy. Nobody got it for 5 hours until we showed up at the same time.


Nice try but I remember playing this many years ago. Has to be one of the eye toy games where you had the sensor and used your hands to move shit around.


So close


It was a typo, eye toy.



Yeah it’s Eyetoy Play 2

Happy to see that cultured people exist on this forum but I’m also disappointed that I can’t say everybody here is uncultured anymore


lol. Everything’s easy to someone.


Used to love it, it was like the first thing I remember that had the sensor.