Screen Grab - Video Game... game


OK here is mine.


An Indian Giver is an Americanism for a person who asks for gifts after giving them, A reference to colonialism most like.


Some quiz game, no idea and I’m going bed so night.


Leonardo Da Vinci. Don’t know the game, but that’s the answer to the question.


That is nice but I would much rather you guess the game.:joy:


The Weakest Link? (I recognize the layout of the podiums.)


No. Does TWL even have a quiz game spin-off?


Maybe not if that’s not it. They’ve stolen The Weakest Link’s studio design, though. lol


Yeah well it was a Sony exclusive if that helps.



(20 incorrect answers)


No you are correct it is Buzz! Me and my friends played it a lot until we didn’t because I kept winning.:disappointed_relieved:



@David47, What’s up with all these provocative ‘grabs’? Makes me real horny and my girlfriend might want a word with you soon. lol

I’m gonna guess RDRII


lol. I just like to entertain people on different levels.

If you don’t know the answer, you can still get some pleasure out of these pics.


A true man of the people


Thanks. I’m sorry, though, it isn’t RDR. Nice guess based on the period clothing.

Clue: It’s one of those narrative-based games. There’s no traditional combat or anything.


The wall textures behind her reminds me of Paris from Hitman 2016.


Good spot. That does look like a very similar pattern.


True but that design is common throughout most of Europe though. I am going to say uhh Thief 2.


I’m gonna go out on a limb yet again, and say Dishonored… 2?