Screen Grab - Video Game... game


Its COD because I recognise the map but not ww2. Ww2 has a remastered version of it. I don’t even remember the map name, my memory is terrible.



Yeah I saw that, still trying to figure it out.


Cod 1? .

@Agent.Smith it’s COD 2!


Correct, the map was called Carentan.

An excellent multiplayer map from back in the day


It’s a good map but everyone hides in the buildings.


“Camper!!!” :rofl:



Manhunt? 202020202020




I have no clue how I reached this conclusion but is it Enter The Matrix?




This game has recently been remade.


Resident Evil 2

S.T.A.R.S. and Stripes Forever


I thought that would give it away, your turn.


Yep I can’t stop hearing about this game that came out when I was like 6 or whatever. Now for something Brutal Hard.



“I ain’t gon’ try” .


Not even one tiny guess? There is only two things you need to do: post a screenshot or guess. If you whittle away all the wrong answers the correct one eventually comes up.


Is it one of the Civ games?


Nope it is not one of the Civ games. I’ll give you the publisher: Ubisoft.