Screen Grab - Video Game... game


Ok let me just Google and list every game ever made and get back to you.


Hey I gave you a hint. It is Ubisoft published. So just Google every game they have ever published but not developed.


Is the game Anno 2070 or Anno 2205? I havn’t played either but keep seeing them crop up on the Steam store page.


Anno 2070 is correct. Good Job! :star: Gold stars all around!


Is it any good? I hear it’s meant to be a bit like Sim City but in the future? I wouldn’t mind getting it at some point. Give me a few minutes, I’ll put something up.


I enjoyed it well enough but I only had Anno 2070 on my old laptop which shat itself a long time ago so my memory is not up to snuff. But if you love Civ and Sim City you might enjoy it.



Asshole simulator?.


There is only one true asshole simulator: The Sims 3. Ladderless pools and walled-off bed rooms forever!


Fraid it’s not Asshole Simulator, you’re thinking of the anal spinoff to Surgeon Simulator.


If you think about it Surgeon Simulator is also an Asshole Simulator. Smash a guys ribcage but put in his heart and stitch him up.


Hector: Badge of Carnage.

I cheated for the interest of the thread as nobody was getting it


I forgot about the thread, sorry. If I remembered I would of made some more hints, like the fact Telltale published it.


No worries


And, like a malignant tumour, he spreads. How delightful


Society really needs a good oncologist right now.