Screen Grab - Video Game... game





Costume Quest
20 Double Fines


Technically it’s Costume Quest 2, but you still get the point.


Yeah I was going to say 2 but I sided against myself.


Ride to hell Retribution: 1%?


You got that way too quick. Who hated you enough to subject you to it?


The internet in general I suppose. It’s achieved a sort of ‘The Room’ status.


True that makes sense. The game is Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture.


We’re both on fire today! Your go.


That is true but I might halt that


dammit man we had a thing going


Not even a teeny tiny guess? You might be right and/or I might be generous.


Afraid I don’t play any naval games, especially ones from the PS2 era judging by the graphics.


It is not a naval game. It is an army game through and through.


Don’t play many of those either unfortunately. Only guess would be a CoD game, only because I have literally no clue and that seems to be the most popular war franchise.


Lucky you it is CoD. It is the first one and they won’t die soon enough.


Lucky me indeed. This one might be a bit hard though.


The Batman Telltale game. Your picture showed up in my alert as Falcone


Not quite. Right Batman ballpark though. (edit: whoops, thought I successfully changed the picture name)