Screen Grab - Video Game... game


Amazing art design. I’ve never seen the starless night’s sky rendered so beautifully. :open_mouth:

I can tell this game is an emotional wrecking ball like The Last of Us. lol

I haven’t got a clue what it is, though, sorry.


Oh my god, I actually recognise this game. You invade a cookie factory at night or something don’t you? Fat Boy and the Cookie Factory, right?
Edit: it’s Fat Boy Raids the Cookie Factory.


Why resurrect a thread to immediately tank it again? Why do you hate us so much Smith!


@Jordan_Cross, you are correct. Good times.


@Agent.Smith, what nether region of hell did you pull that one from :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


My childhood


Same, I think it was on some old dodgy school computer that also had some kind of game where you run over cane toads, or maybe I’m confusing that with something else. Anyway, here’s my one.


Puzzle Agent 1 or 2? Great little game, I miss Telltale.


Yep, PA2. Your go.



Is I titled Turmoil?


Yes, it is Turmoil. Your turn.



It’s a terminator game no doubt, or this game severely violated copyright law


Nope, not a Terminator game at all. :slightly_smiling_face:


Easy it is Mass Effect 2


@Nazareth nvm you are the OP my bad



No worries, it’s all good.


Yeah I recognised the human reaper. Gonna make this one hard.


Looks like that movie Jumper. Didn’t know they made into a game though.