Scrolling on mobile [Solved]

So the mobile version, or at least the google chrome mobile version, it works just fine, however scrolling through threads with hundreds or even thousands of posts is a pain as you cant see the quick scrolling thing that you can see on pc, even in desktop mode. The solutions for this that i have so far include: 1. If you want to get to the top, id suggest using “Search from topic” and guessing words or sentences to try to find the original post or an early post and then skip there. 2. If on the original post and you want to get to the bottom, summarize the topic as that makes scrolling to the bottom much faster.
Now, neither of these methods are good and thus i wish for some way of scrolling fast through a post on mobile, if there already isnt one and i just missed it.

Do you mean the thing where it says 1/1 at the right bottom corner?

I’m on Chrome btw

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Thanks dude :slight_smile:
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