Searching for PS4 Hitman friends

Hello everybody,

My Hitman journey started with Absolution and while I loved the game I didn’t knew the beauty of a real Hitman game. The latest games got me hooked and for me it is one of the best series I have ever played. After Hitman 2 I started to get good. Unfortunately my friends don’t want to play the game or they don’t understand it is about replaying and mastering every level.

So I thought to make an account on this forum in the search of new friends. So that I can compare leaderboard scores with fellow Hitman fans. I’m a Dutch guy in beginning twenties. Feel free to add me at PSN : jaapieboy

Im getting my paycheck at January 26th and Immediately going to get Hitman 3! How do you guys compare the game to the other 2? I don’t want to watch to much on YouTube but I’m glad to hear opinions from the real fans. Peace :v:

I started Hitman with the 2016 game and then enjoyed Hitman 2 and 3.
For me, H3 not as good as H1 or H2 : none of the map surprise me a lot. They’re beautiful, especially on PS5 but the maps for H1 or H2 were far more better.
The game isn’t bad, it’s really good and I enjoy it like I enjoyed H2 back in 2018.
Also the story is more important in H3 than in the previous one and I liked the conclusion of it.
I hope you will enjoy it as much as you enjoy the first two games :wink:

pretty much same mechanically. As far as tone, much darker. Feels more like the old Hitman games, pre online nonsense. Absolution was a bad place to get started on Hitman franchise. The only reason to play it was for contracts mode which doesn’t even exist anymore. Have you tried the pre -Absolution games? I think H2 was the best, followed by H3, then H1. When the 2016 game first came out, it looked totally different menu, UI -wise, even graphically. They’ve made a ton of changes since then, most for the better. The 3 games now blend well together, considering they were on the brink of collapse.

Hi Jaapie. Welcome to the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d like to add you on PS Network. My id is vm356jo3. An invitation is sent. Hope to see your name on the leaderboards. Cheers!

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For me was absolution a good game to meet the very cool agent 47. I was unaware how good the sandbox style was so for me it was a introduction and because I couldn’t compare it with the older style games the new ones blew me even more away. I haven’t played the older games was pretty young and although I wanted to get blood money at the time but chose for San Andreas. I’m kind of doubting to play blood money but I don’t want to be too disappointed with how it aged. Is it still worth it?

Thanks for your honest answer. Every review I see they give this game much higher ratings which I found very strange to me. The levels look more linear and have the same tone. All dark and grey. Still going to get the game ofcourse want it looks still awesome. But why did u liked the older maps more?

@YellowZR1 Thanks for adding :slight_smile:

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I’ve done all the maps a second time yesterday and I liked them more than the first time but for me, there is no maps as good as Sapienza or Miami for example. This is just my opinion of course :wink:
But it’s the first time that I didn’t really disliked a map like Colorado.
I think I liked the older maps more because they were more complete with mission stories or challenges : 3 mission stories on 4 maps and about 85 challenges per map where in Sapienza the mission The world of tomorrow had more than 100 challenges I think and 10 mission stories
But Hitman 3 is a very good game especially if you liked Hitman 2