Season 1 items in Season 2 and vice versa

I don’t remember which game, but I remember cases when a new game actually used files from previous one.

Edit: Half-Life 2 and episodes certainly did that.

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I’m not really happy if it’s a “new” game, to be honest I don’t care if it a full release game or episodic. That doesn’t actually matter to me. I just statet the fact that it’s treated as a game in it’s own right and not another season to season 1.

I think the due to shifting of release format is mainly because Square-Enix/IO wanted it for H16 and WB the new publisher wants a more traditional release.

Right and (still possibly) wrong… I believe it is possible that WB wants it to look like a conventional release for now. Technically being a different Steam Library entry only means that Steam treats the two as different full priced products. That said… They could have added: “If you own HITMAN ONE then you guys are in for a treat! Because HITMAN ONE and HITMAN 2 actually merge into a single giant title when both are installed together.”

BUT… that said… there is nothing here saying they cannot announce that later in the 6 month cycle.

What they have succeeded in is erasing months of bad release protocol with a very hype-tastic unveiling. We have to see what IOI and WB release in the coming months.

I think @Clemens_IOI supposedly leaked early confirmation that HITMAN ONE and HITMAN 2 are merged upon installation… but it is possible IOI and WB did not want anything more to come out beyond what was already stated.

For Steam and other storefronts it makes no difference because the two will still be sold separately and one can run without the other.


Would be great marketing tbh.


yes… but timing is everything. :slight_smile:

P.S.: As Marketing is my day job I’ll also take what you said as a compliment. hahaha. :wink:


I will just quote myself, so i’m not starting to sound like a broken record :flushed: :joy:.

Maybe you guys could make the carry over optional?

Hi guys, I spoke too soon regarding items carrying over last night. We’re still looking at exactly how to handle this, but the functionality isn’t confirmed right now. We’ll let you know as soon as we have something to share.



Kidding. Thanks for the update, Clemens! :slight_smile:

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It would be a great feature… even if say it only happens down the road. :slight_smile:
The fact you guys are working on it makes me happy that there is indeed the desire to ensure we have ONE whole World of Assassination.

For what it’s worth please show the rest of the team our thoughts in this thread. It would be a great bonus for HITMAN ONE owners and can also be a motivation for HITMAN 2 buyers to buy HITMAN ONE.

This is the epitome of #ThinkDeadly . :sunglasses:


I’m glad to hear you guys are working to make it happen, it’d be loads of fun to have all the suits, weapons, and items earned in the game. Looking forward to hearing more soon :smiley:.


I have to say, I always loved the idea of one huge game where it made sense to collect everything because it tranfered to the next game as well. I would be really happy to actually have my suits, unlocks and other stuff transfer over - perhaps just when you had completed all the levels already.


Just make the Big One an unlock, then I dont need the items :smiley:

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I suggest a solution if you can of course.

You could just bring all the contents of Season 1 on the new HITMAN, but only if you bought the first Season.

Croteam did this with Serious Sam HD: The First and Second Encounter. If you ever played the series of this game, you will know that the first two games are splitted. With the HD version of the game, Croteam gave the possibility to play the entire first game (Levels, missions etc) into the second one, like a DLC (like i said before, only if you own the first game)

For me was perfect to not download two games that are exactly the same, just select the chapter and play.
If you can do this, we are able to play the old locations in the new HITMAN and use all the items that we have unlocked so far.

This idea can “kill” the first game? Yes and no.
You have to buy the first season anyway to get the content on HITMAN2 and still, you are free to play the old game.

(Sorry if my english is not good, i hope you understand what i said)

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Thanks for the update @Clemens_IOI :open_hands:
I hope it’s gonna be possible :heart_eyes:
It would be quite a shame if we had to unlock most of the same stuff all over again, just reskined.
If not from 2 -> 1. Then at the very least from 1 -> 2 would be amazing :open_hands:

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It would be annoying if we lost our season 1 unlocks because then it will be the same deal with Season 3.

I shouldn’t ask for this, because i’m pretty sure the oucome would be disfavour for me, but @Serious_Pony maybe we should have poll? yes/no/optional if we want all unlocks to carry over from Hitman 2016?

I don’t care
as long as s2 has better items

Hey folks! I’m so pumped for yesterday’s announcement and I can’t wait to put my hands on wich I presume It will be the greatest HITMAN experience to date. But yeah, they could bring back some techniques from previous games like manual strangling with the fire wire, the possibilty of taking a hostage as a human shield, the briefcase (HELL YEAH! :crazy_face:), binoculars, the Blood Money Pip cam or the weapon upgrade system… Really I can’t wait for this one.
I’m having problems with the PS4 preorder here in Spain, cause any retailer has uploaded this game and its different editions online. Any help?

Best regards! :wink:

Could at least suits carry over? We all love the Signature Suit With Gloves and it would be disappointing to have that beautiful suit missing. Also the Winter Suit could finally have some “functionality” if HITMAN 2 gets a winter map.


probably for winter maps we would hopefully get a new outfit, like in the Silent Assassin snow maps