Season 2 and what i would like to see change


I think most of us can agree that HITMAN 2016 did a lot of great things and changed a lot of things for the better overall, no matter what ones feelings are regarding Absolution. I decided to create this thread based on both minor as well as big things i miss in the latest instalment. There are few things on the list that have been mentioned countless of times and i will try and not sound like a broken record, you already know what i’m talking about.

I will cover all from visual things to mechanics.

47 overall postur and presence

In my opinion i think the creative team of Absolution nailed 47 and how he carries himself. Just a minor thing like the position of his gun welding hand in a more relaxed state gave 47 a more dangerous vibe. It made him seem like he was ready to strike, where today i find his post rather borring. Visually the way he carried himself was more pleasing and powerful.

One of the things i liked most about 47 in Absolution was his muscular build, this could easily be in the fact i think 47 has a perfect body type and my own goal to reach similar physic through training.

But other then just being muscular it gives 47 a more powerful presence and gives us a impression of him being able to handle himself in hand to hand combat, something that the first trailer from Absolution also relied heavily on.

The Barcode and the Scar

As most know in Absolution 47 cut his barcode in defiance of his nature and as a synbole of cutting ties with the agency. One can think what they want of this act, but the band aid become a huge visual symbol for the game. I would love to see an updated model of 47 with a scare going through his barcode. A visual reminder of the scares 47 carries with him and giving his character a more visual history now where his face have become more ageless and don’t show the same mileage that we saw from Absolution.

Also bring back the numbers under his barcode, it might go against IO approach to reinforce his more ageless look, but the fact is still that 47 was created on September 5th, 1964 and that his model number is 040147.


I miss how darkness can embrace 47 face and create a more skull like presence, something IO always have been doing when promoting their games, this basically falls back on his presence as well.

One thing i think IO missed in the newest game is the darkness that surrounds, it was a perfect way to give him the Angle of Death vibe that a lot of fans already familiar with. These are smaller things to implement in areas where natural light can’t reach.

A thing i hope to see return are more grime levels, we had our taste of grand and luxurious places around the world from season 1 and we had our share of darkness both from Contracts and Absolution. But i would like to see Season 2 embrace a middle ground, a game where both more grim levels can exist along side the bright and beautiful. Because even in the darkest levels of Season 1 there is always a lighter tone to the level, like the bonus level of Marrakesh. The closest we come to true darkness is the morgue in Hokkaido and yet it doesn’t give us the grim feeling as some of Contracts levels.

The Return of Dual wielding

One of the things Absolution almost perfected was the dual pistol combat.

The Gun play in Season 1 isn’t as satisfying as that of Absolution, in many ways for me it was a step backwards. Closer to the more stiff combat of past games and less fun to go guns blazing. I think that point shooting brought a lot of fun moments into the game when playing more aggressive.

Control the situation / Crowd Control
Also something Absolution handled very well was controlling the outcome of a bad or less lucky approach. Human shields played a lot into this way of handeling combat.

NPC’s and their presence in the world

I miss when pulling a guard over the railing that he screams as he plums to his death, where now it feels empty and less fun. Adding more noises to NPC and the meny ways of disposing of them adds a lot of value and enjoyment to the game, like slicing their necks with an axe, knife and hear them drown in their own blood. Absolution handled a lot the overall atmosphere very well and the way that NPCs reacted to 47 actions, them screaming at top of their lounges they are engulfed in flames, it all small details that makes it more satisfying to do all sorts of grim things.


Targets have become less interesting to hunt and play with, because they basically are defenceless and no different then an NPC on the street. The fact alone that they can’t defend them self is sadly borring. Them being aware of trouble will no longer make them try and fight for their life, sneaking up on a enemy that has every intention surviving is much more pleasurable then a target that cowards in shame.

It make little sense for targets like Reza Zaydan not to carry weapon or being more trobule then his guards, or Sean Rose and his gang being as dangerous as a wed nudel. I miss targets like the Praetorians, Assassins from Blood Money, Assassins from SA, targets that was out to get 47. Predators hunter other predators put the hole defenceless target dynamic on it’s head. My favorit levels have always been levels where other hired gun men or Contract killers was hunting 47 and you had to outsmart them, avoid them and turn the trap on them.

These are the things on the top of my head and changes i think would be for the better. I have chosen to keep some the more obvious features out, because they have already been mentioned a lot of times, but feel free to mention the briefcase :wink:

Bring. Back. The. Gore
Wishlist Item for season 2
IO, please allow us to disable auto-pausing when alt-tabbed from the game

I’m with you on everything but the barcode scar. Terminus suit is enough of a reminder, I prefer a clean barcode in general.


I agree with everything except for the 47’s stance and how he walks :slight_smile:


I want the low health back, the view cone must be reversed as well, npc’s hearing gunshots close by and i want npc hearing footsteps again, basically i want the Hitman game like it was when it was just released, or up to Sapienza :flushed:.


And bring Agency Kazo TRG back ! 47’s preferred tool for sniping.

I think 47 should be more aggressive when he wears Absolution suit. But low health!


I would like a level as “the tradition of trade” of Hitman: Contracts or the first Hitman. It’s one of the best level ever especially for its dark and rainy atmosphere.

Besides, i would like to have the possibility of spicing foods with the instruments which 47 brings by home.
I hope there will be levels between the atmosphere of hitman: contracts and the greatness sandbox of Blood Money.
Sorry for my bad english


I agree with you on mostly everything.

Regarding the stance and physical awareness I do agree with you: 47 (just by his body movements and facial reactions [pfft like there are any facial reactions, or at least I haven’t seen any so far. probably the intense lag]) just seems sorta there. His presence in the world feels odd, let alone whenever I make him walk it feels like I’m just holding W to drag 47 along my path.

On the barcode, I’d say just leave it. While an older 47 would be nice in general, dragging along that scar would just be ugly.

Regarding the darkness, there wouldn’t be much place for that. I guess Hokkaido, and the night Marrakesh would work with it, but it still wouldn’t fit for most of the game. Maybe if the atmosphere was a bit “colder,” as I’d say it (i’ve no proper way to describe it). Just by playing, you get a small shiver down the spine, it feels cold even though you aren’t physically there. Colorado is the closest to that feeling (in my opinion), but even then its eh.

Targets I definitely agree with.

I’d also wish for a wider, realistic variety of weapons (and by realistic I mean an actual weapon in game, not an “ICA Navy-Blue Retexture 3000”). Maybe see the WA2000 come back in its original form, along with weapon customization.

Then again, as it seems the way IO built the game would go against that, and be overpowered.


Well I don’t really care about the homo erotic stuff but I would like to see darker themed levels, a more coherent storyline, better storytelling and a more mature atmosphere.


Is it homo erotic that i find that 47 peak physic is a better fit for him then the leaner and less muscular version we see in the newest instalment? there is nothing really homo or erotic about body image, only if people put a sexual theme into it and that says a lot more about the person :wink:

Well this isn’t changes to the current levels, but the levels of season two. I’m basically saying i want them to explore a darker theme, then the current theme of this game.


I’m lazy so I’m just quoting Mads here because I strongly agree.

Absolution made the best 47 model. His bad ass “I don’t give a shit”-look was perfect and I often looked at him to enjoy how he looked. Even when he was standing still he was perfect. The animation was great.


Sorry bro but i disagree with you about the storyline and the storytelling.
Hitman is not a series with a beautiful story as “The last of us” or “the walking dead”.
Hitman is a game based on his gameplay and the sandbox aspect, or I mean, the freedom to act in order to kill the target.

I played 3 hours ago Hitman:Absolution.
Absolution is the worst Hitman ever (sorry Io interactive) just because the story wins the gameplay aspects.
During the game often your objective is to go from point A to point B.

However, except the face, 47’s body in Absolution was perfect


It’s just a joke…

Well fair enough but since they chose to stick a story in this one I wish it was at least half decent. I wish it was as unobtrusive as it was in Contracts though. The shadowy stuff in Hitman is played out as it gets and laughably bad.

And Absolution probably has the worst storyline and storytelling anyway.


Yes and no. For THAT 47, yes. He’s perfect. But for this 47, absolution 47 wouldn’t look right. He’s a professional. He walks into public areas with high profiles and need to be inconspicuous. Ab 47 makes him look like something up. But that goes with the story. He’s angry and wants revenge, so it fits his demeaner. Plus, when you do that perfect kill, I like how this 47 can walk straight out with pure confidence and standing tall. To me, that’s far more badass than ab 47.


The walk of Hitman Contracts would be perfect (even if there is a different background)


I think they should keep 47’s stance the same for HITMAN (D1NG put it best, lethal elegance) BUT I do think he should be a bit more buff. Considering his feats in general, I do think it’d make sense for him to have some more muscle mass. Not like he’s lacking on that sense, I mean, look at him in the Italian Suit. But a bit more would be fitting.

As for other things: The barcode thing would be neat, I’ve made my comment on darkness on another topic (how I think as the story progresses it’ll go darker).

I’m not that big on dual wielding, and though it’d be neat to have back because it’s kind of a signature thing of this series, it probably wouldn’t get much use as it stands. Kinda same with point shooting even though in this case it’s just an Absolution thing, but hey, I DID like Mark and Execute in Splinter Cell Blacklist for Panther runs so there’s that, I would probably roll with that more. Human shield, yeah, that’d be neat. I like using it to move targets to a better place before knocking them out, usually, but it does have combat purposes.

Agreed on NPC sounds. Just a neat little detail they could do with. Targets, well, I didn’t have a problem with them until Colorado, where yeah, that should’ve come into play. I’m not sure if I have it all pieced together from Marrakesh but from what I remember Zeydan is more of a friends in high places case rather than legit being good at what he does, so him being more of a noncombatant didn’t bother me much. But yeah, S2 should totally have targets who can actually put up a fight. Gimme a fresh new take on Temple City Ambush, IO, I’ll be all over that.


Just playing “King of Chinatown” right now with PS4 controller wirelessly on the PS3 (finally found out Sony added backwards support for it) and watching the birdie cutscene…47 gave him the damn briefcase. What if in season 2 we have to assassinate Birdie to get the briefcase back??? :stuck_out_tongue:
Could be fun


lol The Walking Dead is an example of beautiful storytelling to you?


I completely agree with @D1NGdong. Canon 47 wouldn’t hulk around like the absolution walking animations. And little things like the holding the gun sideways in an uncomfortable position just rubs me the wrong way, it’s not how an efficient assassin would behave. He is supposed to be the least noticed guy in the room. Mads is right that 47 is a bit leaner than in previous games, but it’s not a big deal to me. He’s also a little bit younger looking, but that isn’t a big deal either.

I can live without dual wielding, especially if they never rework hip firing. I also don’t want them to port the ridiculous john woo cutscene simulator thing from Absolution. I don’t play Hitman to watch the guns shoot themselves.

I prefer no scar, as I prefer to pretend that Absolution didn’t happen. :smile: But 47 can afford some plastic surgery.

I definitely agree on a few really dark levels and some more dynamic actors in levels. Dangerous targets should be a thing if you mess up and show yourself to them. And I miss the unique things like clone assassins. I hope they don’t shy away from that side of Hitman in the future. There’s a lot of value in having a weird and unique world.


I really think this varies depending on the lighting you’re standing in.


I want a lot of inspiration from Contracts.