Season 2 and what i would like to see change


Getting Rotterdam Back as locations in the city center with habor <3


Changes in the animation system, especially cover and popping in and out of cover.

In cover

Popping out of cover


Shooting from cover


This looks really dumb since 47 has exposed himself completely, shooting while in cover was better in Absolution. This should be improved on :smiley:


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“…changes before Season 2”


Stop acting like a child. You are annoyed because you made a redundant thread that already exists 8 min after joining the forum. I pointed it out to you and told you to read the forum guidelines.

You choose to respond with a bitter reply…regarding not wanting to listen.


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If BM is considered the best in series, why not tweak 2016 so it plays similarly for when S2 drops?


It’s far from everyone who holds BM to such high regards. BM is a product of it’s time, I don’t think IO should tweak the game to become more like It.


I meant in the way 2016 feels to play. Just in terms of how 47 controls. Imagine 2016 setting with a hybrid BM/2016 47 :slight_smile:


I don’t see the benefit


bm was great back then, but the controls feel today even worse than the controls of Codename 47 or SA.


Are you feeling oke mate? It’s not like you to agree with me :wink:


Maybe my issues are mechanical and this is why I think the problem is how 47 contols and interacts with the environment.

With 2016 using a lot of assets from Absolution, (strict rating system, cover shooting, linear gameplay, QTE, ADS) mixed with the freedom of play and level size BM offered, I feel that the two can clash at times.

Why can’t I push a target off a ledge with the only criteria being that they are close to it?

Killing an isolated target useen from the front voids SA.

In H.A. these work fine. 2016 not so much.

47 is the best assassin in the world and yet he has to look down sights to hit a target with any degree of accuracy.

The free button could be used for something else…


i’m fine, thanks for asking. i always agree with you, when we share the same opinion (which is quite rare, thats true :wink: )


Lol what? That does not make any sense whatsoever


I also wish for a more universal system than the narrow prompt system. But I think this system can be fixed, with fixing glitches (facepunch we know it) and making prompts appear sooner with maybe other animations at longer distances like it is done with the fiber wire kills.

Still H2016 is the most open Hitman for me.


Sorry, I meant to say,

Dedicated cover shooting which compliments linear gameplay.


I’ve seen Alot of people refer to the scar from absolution and how he is leaner and younger looking but didn’t he also kill Dianna in absolution or am I remembering wrong? If I’m right thn this Hitman is set before absolution or absolution never happened



Nope, she lived


As RotaryOliver said, she didn’t die. Absolution ends on the note where you see Diana and Victoria together while 47 observes them from afar.

The newest game takes place in 2019, where Absolution takes place in 2011-12. The 2011 date is according to the new papers IO released as promotion for the game, they described some of the hits. But if those part of the game actually takes place in 2011, i’'m not sure on.