Season 2 and what i would like to see change


Absolution never happened right? I blocked out all memories of playing it, so it must have never happened. Like a bad dream.


Perfect animation for cover fireing would be 47 stepping back from the corner and moving left\right while shooting in different angles. Agree.


Absolutely not

I dig the suit though! :open_hands:


I know that it won’t happen cause politics and backlash but I would like to see a way to create “accidents” that look like suicides.

More than that I would like a way to make certain NPC’s look guilty and throw off suspicion to yourself. So that if you kill in a waiter outfit and change outfits if you have have one of the waiter NPC’s knocked out (and didn’t see you) found and with a gun nearby then the AI acts like they found the killer.

Thinking of targets so high profile that any obvious murder would bring too much heat even for the ICA so they have to be killed in ways that look like something other than what it is. Thinking of the Shadow client who killed the FSB agent and made it look like a suicide. Can 47 do something like that?

I’d like to plant evidence or redirect guard attention on certain people. Maybe even set up a target to get killed by guards.


Considering that Overachievers established 47’s MO as “accidents and suicides”, I think that would fit pretty well in some contexts. But it would need to be balanced well, just being able to place a gun next to a gunshot victim would be a bit OP if it retained SA.


fair point. Can’t just shoot the target in front of an audience run in the bathroom change outfits and call it SA.


I would like that. S1 only had very few examples, like deSantis believing it was Roberto who poisoned her and the same with Jordan Cross who suspects his father in his final moments. But sadly this suspect dies with them.


The best agent 47 is in Codename 47.He looks like have no soul and no emotions


Codename 47’s portrayal did show somewhat emotion/soul, though it’s most likely the latter. He just didn’t sound like he cared much; and through his assy jokes.HMM, COLUMBIA. FROM WHAT I HEAR, EVEN THE BUTTERFLIES SMUGGLE DRUGS


We need Ramon in season 2



Weapon customization. I know it would take Alot and world be a rather big over hall and therefore probably won’t happen but pleeeease


I think an underrated feature is a good aftermath. In every typical shooter game, you shoot up a bunch of bad guys, and aside from dead bodies and some blood, there isn’t anything else.

It would be cool if there was some kind of smoke/mist sticking around after the shooting, for like thirty seconds. Or some broken windows/mirrors.


Would be nice to have the bonus missions updated with more starting/pickup locations.


I agree! After a shootout it feels very satisfying to look at the whole scene. Makes you feel cooler knowing you came out on top,too. Also,added immersion,for what’s worth!


kills everyone in Hokkaido
suddenly, tumbleweeds are rolling around

For the humoric effect this alone would be great :smiley:


Oh boy,that’d be awesome! Striker-Cowboy Suit,kill all with the final tumbleweed behind you as you exit the level. 10/10.


Gotta pan the camera to a new position and have it so that 47 goes into the sunset when he exits the level. Perfecto!



I really want a lot of stuff to stay the same actually. I like that health levels are tied to difficulties in HITMAN. I think the loadout selection is serviceable and clean. Maybe add a slot if it is balanced. Potentially let the briefcase hold one two handed weapon or two pistols, or two items. I’d like an option maybe increase/decrease subtitles and text. The ability to add or remove suppressors would be very fun.

I doubt dual wielding pistols will return. Maybe. But if it takes time and is a free patch next year so be it.

Viewcones are wonky in some weird situations. But I’d rather be playing HITMAN Season 2 than writing about it.

Granted I still haven’t played the redone mission from the GOTY or whatever edition that is. Maybe it did things that were detrimental to the game. But I really like HITMAN. It grew on me a lot. But since IO is most likely giving us back Ammo Types using Sniper Mode as a hint. A briefcase. And letting us hopefully finish a intriguing storyline. I’m all in.

Giving us a hideout/shed would be fun and make me smile though. :blush: