Season 2 and what i would like to see change


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I agree my man, that is a great idea!


I’d like to see them get rid of the triggers and go back to the ai routes of blood money


Hitman needs a base again, I loved that wee base from Blood Money, give us our base back! Please :slight_smile:


They could even update it to the modern aesthetic, enter a pristine white-marbled room with walls opening on each side to reveal your collection of weapons and gear in the state of customization you last left them in. Maybe use this room for customization purposes, have a wall open up at the end of the room revealing a readied shooting range.

I should stop dreaming.


Live the dream dude, live the dream :slight_smile:


Three things from season 1 that annoyed me

  1. Accents - American accents everywhere is immersion breaking.

  2. Mixtape 47 & ICA audio distraction shouldn’t count as bombs (or maybe one should, one shouldn’t) I can’t really imagine NPCs going and picking up coins but the high pitched beeps would make someone near investigate so I prefer to use it instead. Why can’t it look like a duck or a radio?

  3. 47 standing around awkwardly while waiting for something, especially when eavesdropping. I would prefer a “natural blend” option which wouldn’t trick enforcers but would make 47 look less silly. He could lean against any wall and pretend to look at his phone or something so he doesn’t stick out.


You mean our goal :wink:

I just remembered I was hypnotized about 47’s body in Contracts in one of the cutscenes. And one huge motivation was thinking that I might become like that.
This body shape of Absolution besides the muscularity is my favorite for even a bigger part for the scars. It makes him look like experienced and with lots of history behind him.


Apparently blood is now noticed by npc’s from what I can gather from an ign video where the host & a member of io play Miami. :slight_smile:


Most important things;

-Rework slot system. Ok, I do understand you cant hide shotgun, sniper rifle, or have 3 knifes with you. But do really coin need to take slot ? That silly, and you can have 2 hand guns as well when you knoc someone with hun. Slot system should be a bit less retarded. Some item shouldn’t take slot!!! Make it more like Blood Money. i really miss that from that game.

-Weapons upgrades, item upgrades. Really, to make item matter a lot more.

-Money for kills, buying stuff. Essential part of most Hitman games!!

-More animations.

That all of most important for me, and many people do talk about good changes they should implement.



It may seem silly, but looking in retrospect it was done for the game’s good, in terms of balance. I consider it in the same ideal I do the briefcase not being in Season 1; with it, it’d be far too overpowering for the player, same with not having the balance coins and such with other items.

I’m for a Blood Money system too, keeping basic things on Agent 47, but in the end it seems it was done for the Season’s benefit.


It’s bad system. So they should balance that in other way. No make those thing that stupid. And I will tell you right away, coin is most OP thing in this game, foul anyone, no one get suspicious and so on. How this is balanced ?

If I wonna knife target, with weapon I unlock, and I need picklock, I should get them np. This is professional hitman ok >?

They can make zones where torwing coin will be suspicious or something like that. Or let some characters ignores coins etc. It can be done.

Just dont leave it as is it now. It no Hitman style we love. Blood Money is what was loved by many because it give you/us system where you could do silly thing, upgarade weapon, and use them. Why we unlock so many thing in Hitman, if most are useless anyway!!! Why they add them if they are pointless ?


By they way @Mads47 you have been before at IOI and live close right? Can you bring up these things in person?
And can you also mention about the Blackballer?


Yeah I been to IO a couple of times, I don’t really live close exactly. It’s a two hour train ride to the capital from where i’m living. What things do you want me to bring up? other than Blackballer. To be honest I think your chance of getting heard here on the forum is the same as me going in there. It’s been a while since I visited IO and the last time was then weekend trip in Copenhagen with Johnnydrama and Quinn.


I lolled pretty hard on that one.


Well, Blackballer from the Hitman Beta 2015 and the Silverballer from Absolution.




I’d like to see disguise-enhancing items and weapons.

For example, carrying a bunch of flowers as a flower delivery guy means enforcers are slower to bust you. Or a wrench as a maintenance guy, or a certain matching rifle type as a guard. That’d give another purpose to finding items in the level and equipping them, and would help with the immersion.

You’d also have to weigh up whether to take your briefcase everywhere or carry a different item to help you blend in. Risk vs reward.

Did the earlier Hitman games do this? I seem to remember carrying an AK helped the Russian soldier disguise in Silent Assassin.


That why you love stupid system, good for you. Yea, i am Hitman, I only can take pistol, coin and lockpick. But on mission its np to pick up second pistol, wrench, crowbar, bricks, screwdriver etc. For that my pockets are very deep and can fit a lot of stuff.

Slot system is retarded. Because of that sytem AI is dumb, and NPC are even dumber. Let make example; I am Novikov bodyguard, I am quite old guy but I have experience. Some one trown coin in room next to me, I should go and check this, and leave person I should protect alone.


It big room, very laud, music plays. As Hitman is very professional he trow coint to distracts some bodyguard, and he ofc hears that coin, in that laud room. Try this trick in real life and see how this works. People on partys like this dont ever hear when some glass gets borken on floor, let alone coin hiting it.