Season 2 and what i would like to see change


I just thought it was funny wording, I’m not disagreeing with you.


Man, you had me in stitches! :slight_smile: And good points! But I don’t think much is going to change in this regard.


And that why I am a bit afraid. I love facts that level can be played many times, really do. But AI need changes. Non elite bodyguard would fall into coin trap. That make this game way too easy, even on prof. difficulty.

And to balance coin out, they make 2 item slot, plus one slot you can have another item. I am ok to have that stash in game. But game should be harder, by making coin not working every where. Or make people suspicious that some bald, strange looking man, throwing coins in middle of embassy.


I wasn’t sure whether to take that literally or if he meant move/hide the body


I’m pretty sure in Blood Money ‘You better watch out’ there was a guy in a white suit that if done very sneakily you could lure him into the lift with the coin as the elevators doors were still open, however I’m sure once he had checked the coin out once he never checked it again, so you had to do it right first time. This kind of behaviour makes sense, so yeah it would be good to see different AI react differently to a coin.


And this AI was also there in Splinter Cell: Blacklist in case anybody’s wondering about a comparatively recent title. An NPC would never fall for a distraction twice. For example, you could whistle and create a distraction for a guard to come and investigate. Do it again and you’re almost always caught.


Well that my point. I think coin make it to easy for player to lure out all npc. I jope ioi interactive did changed AI a bit. But I think I dream for way to much. Still, we have to wait and have how this will look like.


Little things like that add so much to the experience.


And btw, what I mean by coin BS. Look on this gameplay, this guy is very good player, and use game mechanics, I am ok with it, but damn, that is just stupid :

He distract in middle of hall, full of people, two person by throwing coin into wall. How they heard that.

I am hoping IOI will change that. But that fantasy at this point.


why is it BS??? its a good player doing what he does best, doesn’t seem like bullshit


Not at all. Hall full of people, player throw coin into wall, and only two people hear that and react to that. Pls tell me then what is this ?

I cant stand stupid bs like that. This kill immersion of this game. Its not game about assassin but jerk and hand full of idiots who he slain one by one.


I never played Codename 47, but I am in love with the idea of purchasing each individual round before a mission, selecting how much ammo you want to take. That is just the coolest design choice ever and I have no idea why they didn’t keep it up.


Because they want Codename 47 to be the best Game in the Series forever. :heart:


20 characters please


Most people there are “crowd members” AKA Fake NPCs, NPCs that don’t appear in the map dont react to distractions.


oh I forgot about the guy who thinks coins are way too powerful


And ? Does that make it any less broken or better ?


I see you love idea of having iteam that fools onyone, good for you, bad for gameplay and immersion.


well yeah it makes it better


For better. Yea right, for better.

hey I have great idea, why we cant make item that fool any one in game?, its better for game, people will just throw it, and any idiot will go and take a look. Such a good change for gameplay.

Assassin have to take out a target in crowded area. What does he need, only coin. If that was so easy, anyone could be assassin. All its needed is just a coin.


but do you have a problem with any other throwing distraction?