Season 2 and what i would like to see change


Nice list mads, agree upon some things but kinda disagree on some.

  1. 47s posture is good for HITMAN. Absolution had a wild west cowboy vibe and when 47 equips his pistol it looks like he going on a duel.

The only thing i want with movement mechanics is controllable walking/crouching speed. 47s signature sniper stance and the ability to completely lay down on the ground.

  1. The environment of HITMAN is phenomenal, and yea you’re right it does misses the dark and creepy vibe. No rain, fog except mild snow in hokkaido.

  2. For the scar, i’m in support of that idea. Since the game is cannon, a slighty healed scar would’nt hurt.

  3. Return of hiding in the crowd. In absoltution it felt great hiding in the crowd while carefully moving. Now, guards can spot you like there’s nothing between you and them and they just open fire. What’s more hilarious is the bullets that guards fire only hit you.

  4. Dual weilding, human shield and i think hiding your face while getting past the enforcers should return because it feels really dumb to just walk in front of them and all hell breaks loose.

Instinct should be unlimited but using the face hiding mechanic should only buy you 10 seconds in normal difficulty and 5-7 seconds in profession difficulty. Also depending upon the distance between 47 and the enforcer.

Also, i’ve seen a yt video showing the point shooting in alpha version of the game. You can only mark upto 3 targets in comparison to the number of bullets in your mag (in absolution). Absolution also had an option to disable the cinematic movie feel to point shooting.

I think this ability should return, the number of marks should depend upon you gun, its weight and time to move the gun around so the marks can range from 2-5 max. It’s a very neat ability and can be switched off in the options.

  1. For the targets, yes. I think some of them are really dumb especially Ken ‘The Brick’ Morgan, the brick??? As if, he’s The Rock’s far cousin?? Nah.

Every mission followed the minimum 2 target formula. If bangkok only had jordan as my target but with a little more finess i’d love it. The dumb target and the hotel environment is the reason why bangkok is my least played level.

Caruso on the other hand was fucking hilarious, kinda felt sad when you pull a gun on him and he just begs for his life. The voice actor and the writing is brilliant on this one! Same goes for marco abiati.


At this point you’re not even trying to pretend that you’re not a troll.


I can see your point, but i don’t agree with your view on his demeaner not fitting with high profile areas. The picture i included is 47 wielding the gun openly, something that wouldn’t happen in public areas. But more when 47 readies himself to make a lethal move on his targets. It would change the dynamic of going from inkognito to lethal and help build tension. A tension that will be visually explained by imagery, something IO if possible could bind to the dynamic soundtrack.

I can imagine the Dynamic soundtrack being tied to 47 posture and how he carries himself. Going around inkognito, 47 is more relaxed and inconspicuous. Then when getting close to the target or visually arming himself, Fiber wire, Pistol or other weapons; 47 posture will change to a more aggressive stance like the one we see in Absolution. Letting us feel his power through how he carries himself.

This is just an important aspect to me, because i think Absolutions 47 visually is the best looking one from behind (i don’t like the Robert De Niro face)

Actually forgot about this feature and it would be a great addiction to the game, it was a clever way to deal with social stealth and something i think the game could use.


I am sorry but the way 47 holds the gun in Absolution is awful. It’s not realistic and it doesn’t add anything. You will never draw a gun smoothly or elegantly if you hold it like Absolution 47. It’s not going to work well as you have your arm twisted out to the side when your arm should be tucked near your hip to allow a simple upward draw. The Hitman 2016 holding/drawing looks far more natural and real.

Absolution has a lot of that “showoff” stuff happening and I like that the new one does not have overdone animations or movement. The “action roll” to move from cover to cover in Absolution for example is not better than the current one where he stays on his feet and crouch moves. Nobody does action rolls except stupid movies and this suburban commando:

I prefer Hitman to be elegant, not a bad action movie.



I love the way he moves in this game. It reminds me of the walk of the Terminator in Terminator 2. A very determined and predatory walk.
His leaner body is way more fitting as well imo. After all, he’s a professional killer and not a professional body builder. Technique > muscle mass.

I don’t really agree with the points changing the game for the better, except for basic stuff like adding more noises and sounds. Anything else is really just opinion and preference. I for one always disliked the Assassins. I liked playing as the intruder, the one hunting. Those made it feel very action gamey imo


Yes in your opinion, but i’m aware of quite a bit of forum members who actually really likes the way he 47 carries himself in the game while wielding a pistol.

It’s a videogame about a genetically engineered Super-Solider with 5 farthers who loves to play dress-up and works for an Contract Agency that get’s screwed over every game, by unseen shadow men who wants to control the world. Realistic is the last thing you can call the franchise.

And again this is your opinion, since it’s become clear that some members here doesn’t agree with this statement. So because you’re more then indifferent, then the rest of us can’t have it?

Well 47 manages to draw the pistol pretty damn elegantly in Absolution, which is pretty damn impressive if we are to follow your view on what is possible and isn’t and luckily it’s a videogame so we are past the bunderise of the real world.

It’s more then fine that you don’t like it Mr. No Pants, but some of us do.

No one is making the argument for bringing back the action roll. I certainly don’t like it and find it rather silly. I just like the way 47 holds his gun in Absolution. So let’s just keep it at that and not muddle my views with things i didn’t mention to begin with.

Yes because a tilted hand makes the game a bad action movie, logic.

That is not what professional body builder looks like at all or even close to it. The body 47 has in Absolution is the body of a trained person, not a professional bodybuilder. They are more like Hulk sized today.

As the title says pretty clearly these are changes i like to see for the game. The Hunter and hunted aspect have always been part of the series and i see no reason for it to removed, it works well and it changes the pace in some levels and the over all dynamic. In no of the levels where 47 have been a mark have it turned the game more action’ish, you are still able to have the upper hand, the only is you need to more aware of the surroundings.


Well thats wrong. Body building doesnt mean that one has to look like the Hulk. There are various degrees to body building. But as said, its preference. No use arguing about it really. I respect that you prefer the other physique of 47.

What a weird way to argue. “Nobody directly opposes it, so can the couple of us who are vocal about it have it then?” Thats not how things work. If most people don’t care for something and/or are indifferent to it, thats exactly why devs wouldn’t waste time on it. You don’t need outright opposition to get something off the table.


No not really, Professional bodybuilders are a different kind of Bodybuilders then the “standard” bodybuilder. They are certainly bigger then 47 was in Absolution.

and i could say the same of how he argues that it shouldn’t be in the series, making everything final and wording it like facts and not as his opinion. In his opinion it adds nothing, but he didn’t word it that. That is what i’m striking down on.

No one is calming that? but if the history of long and many discussion on this forum serves me right, i know from an experience that some people more then often demand things be made out from their personal fantasies. Not saying that LackOfPants is that kind of person, but it happens far to often and overall sours the tones of debates.

But to be fair i rather want this thread to be about changes and improvements people want to see in Season 2, then silly banter and people nick picking others ideas down.


Well, you seem really nit picky yourself for someone with “suggestions”. It almost seems like you feel the need to dismantle criticism of your ideas and the people not into them. If you don’t like that a blogpost would’ve been more sufficient than a forum post tbh.

In regards to bodybuilding though… Its off-topic so lets just get this out of the way. But just fyi, pro. bodybuilding isn’t tied to body size. There are many international cards a body like that would qualify for.


I just want new cool levels and briefcase.


You can read as much as you want into it as you want to. But it has nothing to do with the topic, i’m defending my right to like that part of Absolution and that is it. So if you have nothing to add then your view on me, then you can do so in a PM. because this is not really the thread for it and i certainly don’t want to turn this thread into another shit show. This happens far to often here on this forum lately.

Well i don’t think we are in danger of no new levels when season 2 finally roles out. I hope to see the infomus briefcase return as well and i think there is a bigger chance of it returning then when we wished for it in season 1. IO have already showed they had their eyes on it, but it sadly didn’t make the cut in this season.

Also from what i can understand all new items added to the future seasons, we will be able to bring them into the levels of the first season. So if the briefcase was added to season 2, we should be able to use it in Marrakesh, Paris and so on. I choose not to put it on my list, since it have been discussed to death already.


Whoa! That’s exactly what I mean though…
Lets not argue though. Iif the things you want make their way into the game, then thats good for you. If they don’t, well it wouldn’t change much for the majority, since they dont care for it. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep your hopes up.


Well argue is fine and all, this is a forum after all. But there are things that ruins discussion and sours the tone. This can be all from rudeness, to general tone and so on. Not all of it has to be intentional, but as of lately the forum have been through a more pessimistic change of heart and that reflects in how we react.

But since you are new, welcome to the forum.


I don’t understand why you think I am trying to muddle your views. I was merely giving an example of another poorly inspired bit of character behavior from Absolution. I was taught to include analogies, metaphors, or parallel examples when forming an argument. I am not trying to offend you for having a different preference or taste and I apologize if that is what you took from my comment.


Thanks but I’m not really new. I’ve been lurking on and off for a very long time and just signed in to make a post I’m too lazy to make atm…

Anyway, to get this back on topic: creation mode. Its the #1 thing I’d like to see changed/improved. It has limitless potential for great content but the options you have are severely limited. Most of the things you do are tagged as (optional) and you can’t really demand players to not wear disguises, even when you wore none.
Aside from that, a bit more NPC awareness maybe. Its been said many times before, but there’s a shootout, a literal killer on the loose, and the only people who really care are the guards.


It’s alright, i might have read to much into it. But i do agree with the action roll. It’s not what i want to see in the game. But i like the idea that 47 stance can change based on the situation and maybe being tied into the dynamic soundtrack. I just like the bit more aggressive stance he has in Absolution when openly armed.

One thing i could be without is the way he runs, crouches and in Absolution. I realised how odd it seems after replaying the game. My original post focus a lot on visually design when it comes to 47, something i think is lacking in the newest instalment.


Yep, his character model definitely looks less imposing/weaker than say MGS V’s Snake, who has a great character model. But I doubt it’s going to change as it is more of a “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” kind of thing. I think Lean 47 is here to stay.


For being a silent assassin, being bald and walking around in a suit with red tie is suspicious enough. More muscles are only pushing that even more. I find his current model is the best balance.


I prefer new 2016 version of him.Absolutions’s model was appropriate for Absolution where his angry and dangerous look was more appropriate for story that was more personal.
New 47 I like better,he’s more inconspicuos and cold.Not many facial expressions,he seems really “random…disordered” :upside_down_face:

This looks fits better with tone of the game imo.
Also I think the way he holds gun in Absolution looks just…weird.I mean,why would he hold a gun like that?It’s not useful an it’s not badass. It looks unprofessional to me.

When it comes to his body I just wish he looked more muscular in 2016.His muscles aren’t as visible as in Absolution for some reason.

I think it should stay the way it is in HITMAN.Wouldn’t complain whatever they decide to do.
Maybe barcode should be a little bit bigger though like it was in Absolution.

Dual wielding-it’s not really a useful feature in any way so I don’t care about it either.IThere’s no reason for it not to be there though since it was in every game but HITMAN


Lol what?There are literally no similarities between them

Btw how can you not like Robert De Niro?