Season 2 and what i would like to see change


Well it’s more a visual way of showing the continuity and still give some meaning towards the actions of Absolution. Nothing that is a deal breaker, but gives his character a bit more layer.

Yeah it’s not a tool i often use, i prefer using a single pistol. But in terms of more aggressive and off the rails kinda gameplay it can be a great tool to do something else. Also in terms of imagery dual Silverballers are one the most used ways to portray 47.

Between the two version of 47 from the back? or Robert De Niro face. I take you mean De Niro, I think that far to often 47 looks rather wired (facial expressions) in Absolution and sometimes he makes a wired De Niro grumpy face and it looks awful. Then again in cut scenes i think his face is perfect, but there is something odd and off putting in gameplay.

I have i said that i didn’t? i quite like his older work. So i don’t know where you got that from.


For starters

  1. Getting rid of starting points where 47 is already in disguise. Its just silly. Instead use different starting points without disguise.
  2. Getting rid of the different suits feauture. There shouldn’t even be an option to play dressup with 47 in a Hitman game. Its so damn silly.


That would be true if absolution was canon, but it isn’t. There is no direct connection from absolution to this game other than 47 and Diana being his handler. But that’s a whole new thread on its own.


Hitman is a SOCIAL stealth game. Your comment is quite silly, actually. You don’t even understand the concept of this game. It’s been like this from the very first hitman. lol.


Gotta admit its hard to take you seriously. Dude Im talking about the million different suits, that serve no purpose other than playing dressup with 47, including the santa outfit etc. That IS silly.

They should just get rid of those silly suits.


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Yeah,I agree however Absolution’s story is not my favorite really and whole decision to cut his barcode I found ridiculous so I’m not that much for the idea I guess.

47 and De Niro

You mean fibrewired? :upside_down_face:

Yeah I agree there.Another reason why I like HITMAN model of 47 more.

it was just a joke since I’m the guy with De Niro avatar


Let’s not go down this road again.

Let’s stick to the topic instead of half cocked and poor burns.

You don’t have to use them, they are fun and many enjoy them. Hitman have always been silly in it’s humor. Much of it are hidden in Easter eggs, both in my native tunge and in English.

Sorry spelling mistake on my part, it should say weird :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the model, but i want him a bit more buffer. I think a change in his posture in tense moments would be a neat and great visual way to show the player that things are about to get dangerous. This doesn’t have to be the Absolution angry 47 posture, but i’m thinking about body langue playing into the dynamic soundtrack.


Actually it wasnt ment to be “half cocked burns”. Telling me that you could play dressup with 47 before a mission, which is obviously not true, combined with that profile pic was a bit dubious to me.

@Urben, I dont think only one doctor is able to fix all the problems this game has :slight_smile:


Why do you care? Ya, I feel it’s stupid too but let others enjoy their fun. Eh? I still haven’t unlocked the Santa suit cuz I don’t care for it, but Ever heard of “other people” maybe? If they enjoy it, let it be. It’s not anything that affects gameplay or YOUR experience. Headturning affects everyone, Santa suits affects no one except the person using it.

Perspective, my friend. That’s what you need to see from this.


Priorities! Is what you miss here. They thought adding those silly outfits from day one is a priority. That is the issue. Also it doesnt fit to Hitman IMO.


Clearly you don’t know the processs of video game development. Art department has nothin to with any other department like game mechanics/animations/sounds/blood/etc. When they finish the maps, they put in other things like suits. So before you say priorities, perhaps understand process of said priorities.


i want the view cones on the NPCs’ torsos rather than their heads, like in absolution. i would also love more gun variety, like the aries and the jagd.

i would also like the appearance of 47 to be that of the one in the announcement trailer or the one in my avatar, as that is the best version of 47. i prefer THAT look over the one in absolution, or in the final version of hitman 2016.


This is one of the things i think the next season need, is more weaponry. I think there was to few weapons and i miss weapons like dual barrel shotguns, beretta 92, Desert Eagle, Walter PPK and other classic weapons.


The art departement is only there for suits?Lol. Or do they also create things like weapon skins, maybe even weapons? Just one example, compare the weapons from Absolution to HITMAN. See how uninspiring the weapons look, and then tell me its more important to focus on outfits, than to get better looking / authentic weapons/skins. Its about priorities and the direction they decided to go. Btw., we were never able to play dressup with 47 and IMO it should stay that way.


Man, do you not read EVERYTHING that people type? Or do you do that on purpose? I said they work on maps first then do other things “like” suits. Suits don’t affect gameplay. Making a new gun takes more resources than just the art department. You also have to make an animation for holding/shooting the gun. Make new sounds. Properties for the weapon on how many bullets, how far it shoots, damage, etc, And then some. All things that affect gameplay. A skin doesn’t do any of that and is easy as pie to draw in to make some people get new content. Just cuz YOU don’t like it, it doesn’t make it wrong.

hitman 1 didn’t have disguise changes? I honestly can’t recall. But I thought it did.


Just ignore the troll, he’s clearly here just to provoke.


@Mads47 I’m even a criminal just because I said something that doesnt fit your opinion.

@D1NGdong, would u rather have a new outfit, or a new weapon skin?

I mean whats with the colour of these weapons? Whats with the design? You cant tell the difference between shotgun, smg and assault rifle because they all look alike. They look so boring, and on the other hand 47 gets more and more outfits? Thats my point.
The only Hitman where you play dressup with 47 is HITMAN. I never mentioned the disguise system!


I see where you’re coming from, but it looks more like a model than a skin problem. With skins you’re referring to colour and such, but when I take your example of shotgun and rifle, then its the models that are very similar to each other.


First of all, very well done write-up.
I would like to encourage people to not make list-threads that are quite this wide in scope, but as long as the write-up is this detailed I think it’s probably OK.

That being said I found myself either not caring terribly or at least partially disagreeing with some of the points made.

I think I agree with the sentiment that they got 47s presence right in Absolution. That being said I mostly don’t think the difference is that big of a deal.
I still think 47 looks like he’s walking in a strangely effeminate manner while walking down stairs for some reason though.

I think I mosty disagree here. I agree that it doesn’t make a lot of sense continuity wise, but the barcode is part of what makes 47 who he is to my mind. I want it to stay.

I guess I wouldn’t throw a hissy fit if they added a slight scar though.

I don’t much subscribe to the idea that Hitman needs dark levels because it’s about killing. It seems unnecessarily on the nose, and I much prefer the dramatic irony of a mission like Sapienza where everything seems so light and cozy, but in reality a conspiracy to create the ultimate weapon, and double murder to stop this conspiracy is about to go down.

That being said, I woudn’t mind one (or at most two) of the so called darker missions, though I feel like Contracts honestly ruined the atmosphere of the Hong Kong remakes and Traditions of the Trade by trying to make them ”dark”, so it would have to be darkness that is appropriate (like in Meatking’s Party or Beldingford Manor) and not darkness for the sake of darkness.

I gotta say out of all of the stuff people love from BM and want back, Human Shield is the one I understand the least. The briefcase I get. Human shield… I have no need for. I only ever used it as a cheap way to get a free knockout without a syringe, and that’s not necessary anymore (and even if there was it would be a clue that subduals are needed, not that HS should be kept).

I guess if I found out it was back in I wouldn’t be massively upset, but it feels like a waste of resources IMO.


Definitely where it is logical, like with Dalia Margolis (seems like the kind of person who would have a Derringer or something similar) General Zaydan (Desert Eagle?), and definitely the targets in Colorado and Yuki Yamazaki (Beretta?).
I don’t see targets like Caruso or Strandberg (for instance) carrying weapons or fighting back though.