Season 2 and what i would like to see change


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Can we get a little gore and bring back newspaper or police report detailing what type of assassin you where throuh the run every does not play for score some like the kill everyone challenge it would be awesome to see a stat or nickname for all Npc 's you murdered example psycho killer professional of course silent assassin, regular assassin, mass murdered hitman crazy one bullet man silent killer serial killer anarchist stuff for immersion like Npcshould see blood more blood splatter you could add nlc seeing blood in professional mode or something not should see blood since devs are discouraging non target kills it would make the Game more fun especially if devs keep the hardcore bleeding to vital organs slit someone’s throat Npc sees blood snap neck you are good to go. You also would get more people to use the garotte because not see blood . Also if there where to see blood the create a crime scene with yellow tape take some guards away from initial post would a good bad thing


I do prefer to play silently. However, on the off chance that I feel like rampaging I would like the option to use a human shield again. It’s not so much necessary–especially with the bullet sponge update–but it feels a lot more powerful than a quicktime event while I get gunned down by surrounding guards in an unfortunate firefight.

I very much agree with you here. The new game feels a lot less gritty and dark, but that is not always bad. I think a lot of the “darkness” is more “hidden in plain sight” in the new game. Where as Absolution had your target be a sleaze in a strip club, HITMAN has that sleaze host a lavish fashion show. I agree that it doesn’t come across the same way, but the game is more focused on the grand scheme behind the scenes than the uneasy feeling of nighttime missions and more on-the-surface heinous acts.

I agree with this point completely. While I think the new 47 posture is still confident and appropriate, he does not carry himself as menacingly. However, I would also say the circumstances in Absolution made 47 much more dangerous than a typical contract. The brooding stature of 47 at a hospital in Hokkaido wouldn’t fit very well.

Speaking from the point of view of someone who isn’t very good at guns blazing gameplay, I rather like the way that IOI changed the focus of this game to more favor stealthy approaches while still maintaining the option to do the opposite. I would say that HITMAN is a lot more true to the older games of the series than Absolution, but I agree that there were plenty of features from Absolution that made the game enjoyable.

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I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned it, or if I have even mentioned in here but something I would like to see return, perhaps in the form of some kind of ‘Professional’ contracts mode would be extra ‘Bonus Conditions’, similar to that which we saw in Absolution.

For anyone unfamiliar this what a contract looked like when you selected it on Absolution

So it looks a little different to what we have at the moment. Your starting gear was one weapon and your suit or a disguise of your choosing. If there was a particular gun you had to use in your contract, you would have to start with it unless it could be found in mission. You could wear any disguise from any level in the game as long as you had unlocked it (Which I believe just required 47 changing into it at some point in the level).

On the right hand side we have the targets, the kill requirements and then the bonus conditions below. Just like completing a contract quickly, fulfilling these requirements would cause your score to increase at the end. Now the new scoring system has made some of these irrelevant - Only Kill Targets and Do Not Be Spotted - are already included in the Detailed Score at the end of all contracts but I believe the other three could add a nice challenge. Of course we can already implement these into our runs however it comes at a detriment to our overall score. Now like many other people I enjoy completing contracts as fast as I can and I’m not suggesting this to impede on the speedrunners of Hitman, at the same time I am aware that there are players who do enjoy the full stealth approach to playing and I don’t think that their efforts should be shunned because they didn’t complete it as quickly as others who rely on the manipulation of AI and sheer luck for their attempts to come to fruition. Of course there was still an element of haste in Absolution, I believe the base score for the contract began to dwindle as soon as the first target was killed which was an interesting system, although I think this mainly accounted for there only being one entry point into each contract.


You can discuss how incredible you find Absolution in the appropriate thread since you don’t have anything to add the discussion.


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i dont know about this forum, but hitman was made by europeans, with greater appeal internationally than in America.

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Greatest game of all time? Really ni🅱️🅱️a?


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The game actually has many “bonus conditions” already. But they’re marked under challenges. But “Hide all Bodies” and “No disguise changes” are semi-present already by “No bodies found” and “Do it all in your suit”.

I’m not sure if you’re asking for more challenges in that regard, or more of those factors impacting the score. Like many others I vastly prefer TMs system though, over the latter. One of the myriad of problems Absolution had, was tying pretty much everything to score. Hitman 2016 however puts a heavy emphasis on playing your own way. You can do it as quickly as possible if you want, but also take all the time you like to take - in the end you’d unlock challenges just the same. The scoring elements are very fundamental and when you want to get a good score you can do it the way you want to. No “highscore pressure” due to completing as many bonus objectives as possible.

There was a good post on the Hitman subreddit yesterday stating how genius this approach actually is in terms of game design and I agree.


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@Hitman_Lee it’s a quote. I’m American too and you don’t see me acting like that guy.


if they get rid of this feature i will not miss it. unless there is a good reason for 47 to wear something other than the suit (e.g. the VIP patient robes in hokkaido, to blend in as a patient), 47 should always wear the suit.

oh hell no. the undercover locations are one of the best things to the game


Agreed. The variety they bring to levels is incredible. And they not only cut out tedium if you want, but they also make contract mode far better than levels with one starting point. Contracts like @Spods 's clean the mansion run wouldn’t be as fun if we had to infiltrate the mansion every time.

The Icon would be a much better level with a few extra unlockable starting points.


Sadly people like u dont seem to be the norm in America :confused:


i really hope for some more connections to the older games, like that photo of hayamoto senior and the beldingfords, or the mention of the delgados in Showstopper. i also would love to see a comeback of Agent Smith, Lei Ling, the Mysteryman or Lee Hongs Jade Figurine. Or why not Ivan, whos now in Charge of Boris’ old Gunrunner Buisness?


Well to some degree he did make a comeback in season 1, he was there in the last level. Even if his part wasn’t big, but i for one believe that he will pop up a lot in future seasons, just like in the past :slight_smile:


yes i know, that he is in hokkaido, but its just an easteregg, and (in my opinion not even a funny one), but i really liked that Blake Dexters Brother is also in Hokkaido :slight_smile: