Season 2 and what i would like to see change


Is he related to Dexter? of course the guy did remind of the sleazebag. But didn’t know they where brothers, just thought it was nod towards him.


yes, if i remember correctly he says in one of his lines something about his brother (without mention the name Blake, but its heavy implied)


That is actually pretty cool, i hope to see Cosmo Falkuner, i be fine if it’s a bonus mission.


I’d like to waste him and Birdie as a way of tying up loose ends at some point.



I understand that there are people who like to have this shortcut, eventhough this is a direct contradiction to wanting even bigger maps.
What Im trying to say is, I would like to have more starting points without disguise. Because I want to start near the lab in sapienza for example, but without disguise.

Besides that, I generally miss a map in the planing menu anyway. So many starting points and agency pickups and there is no map in the planing menu. How should I know where those places are, If I havent already beaten the level fully? Thats why I made this suggestion at No.8:


I’d like to see Falkuner and 47 gradually develop a Jim Gordon/Batman dynamic, ala the Christopher Nolan trilogy. I think THAT would be a cool little spin to the story as long as it doesn’t overtake the story.


I’m not really sure how that’d work. 47 is always travelling internationally, not to mention he is a killer. Batman wasn’t ever killing anyone but he was working with the police at times. It’d be out of character for 47 to work with police directly, but I suppose killing criminals would indirectly help them. How do you think it’d go?

If I had to choose one I’d rather eliminate Birdie, and most people here would probably agree with that. He took the damned briefcase and ratted 47 out :neutral_face:


Well that was just off the top of my head. Hadn’t really thought it thru. Let’s see if I can work out a breif synopsis here as I type.

At some point in S2 we get a little background (cutscene maybe?) on Faulkner’s life after Abs. He starts investigating this mysterious 47, eventually becoming obsessed with him, losing or walking away from his job because of it and dedicates every waking hour to finding him and bringing him to justice. He goes completely off the radar and immerses himself into the dark world of murder for hire.

This next part could either be more background or maybe an actual mission in S2. Scratch that, this IS a mission. 47 is contracted to take out “bad guy A” because he is about to give up sensitive info on ICA to “bad guy B” a dark, mysterious stanger then interrogate and eliminate the as-yet unidentified buyer as he has been getting far too close to ICA. You arrive at the meet but are a little late. Bad guy A had no intention of selling info. It was a bait to get “B”. So you arrive to find “B” strapped to a chair, being interrogated by “A”. Listening in, you discover “B” is Faulkner, learn of his personal sacrifices and that his interest does not lie with ICA. You also learn that Faulkner has managed to uncover much of 47’s true history (canon from previous games) and has gone from hunting 47 to hunting the full truth behind the dastardly person or persons responsible for creating such “atrocities” and if there are more like 47 still out there. Turns out there’s a hint that such things may in fact still be happening.

ANYWAY…“A” got the info he needed and is about to kill Faulkner when you intervene (maybe at Diana’s behest or on your own because you need to know if someone is still in the cloning business) and you eliminate “A”, saving Faulkner. You then reveal yourself to Faulkner and he gives you a key piece of info on what he has discovered. You leave him tied but leave a knife behind and fade away into the darkness. From that point, 47 has a new personal objective on the side - finding out if the Ort Meyer legacy still lives. Will that somehow intertwine with the main story??? Stay tuned to find out.

Obviously, that would be a very short mission so there would have to be another objective/target within the mission that either leads up to that encounter or follows it.

And then the Faulkner link pops up here and there throughout the story, with F and 47 not necessarily working together, but perhaps using each to their own ends.

All this just off the top of my head. I’m sure it will get picked apart. But my hope will be that someone will perhaps take a grain of it as inspiration to flesh out a truly awesome way to bring Faulkner in.


I’d like Contracts Mode expanded so that players can add objectives and conditions like the ones used in the Escalations stuff like:

Sticky conditions: Disguise or weapon
20 Second Laptop Hacking Objective
Laser Tripwires + Hacking Device
Require a set of specific weapons for the kill as choices
Set your score as the benchmark
Re-arrange objects (“Some things in the level have been removed or changed”)
Fail Conditions: More than one KO, any disguise changes, etc.

The way it would work is that you can tick these and other conditions like in a checkbox, then start the mission and perform the contract to save it. And of course the requirement has to be that you completed it successfully.

P.S.: Is it just me or is there this little “Absolution Rebellion” going on here and in other threads recently? The OP for example…

We must quell these insurgents. We can forgive Absolution, but we must never forget. We must never go back! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hitman - Game of the Year Edition

Ideally, I’d like the game to be much more stable than it is now. Trying to do mass murder/all disguise runs in Paris and Sapienza respectively crashed my PS4 halfway through both and it’s rather discouraging. :slightly_frowning_face:


This gave me a chuckle. Thanks!

Now. Absolutionites, UNITE!

We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests and you will once again be fighting for our freedom… Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution… but from annihilation. We are fighting for our right to live. To exist. And should we win the day, today will not be just another day, but the day the world declared in one voice: We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Absolution Day!

Ok, sorry. I have derailed a bit now. This should probably be in the currently running Absolution thread. My apologies you all.


He never “took” the briefcase. He traded for it to give 47 information which 47 gladly accepted. Plus I don’t think 47 knows that birdie ratted him out as he left a note for 47 when “giving” him his silverballers back. So I’m guessing that 47 thinks that birdie is trustworthy (to some degree).


Remember when in the alpha the mini map had an area around a dead body in that people would get suspicious of you?
it also showed trespassing areas. I´d like to see that return


Rebel Scum! :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like this idea, honestly! One of the things I’d been thinking is a “sticky entrance point” sort of thing considering some players might just want to set an “intended way” of doing things. And sometimes, when recreating classic missions and people don’t know about the forums where we’d talk about why we recreated it and why a starting point is where it is (think Novikov Park Meeting for an example) then having that would give you a better idea. The main issue with that one’s the mastery system, though. Would they start in that location regardless of unlock in the main game? I dunno.


Go away. Nobody wants to hear what I hope is your bout of insanity.


Agent Smith is already in the game. Ivan is most likely dead, as he is one of the many NPCs you have to kill in the engine room.


NO! Tripwires are horrible!


If they remove the dumb device and put less trip wires on the maps, I think it would be an okay complication. Currently they just add a horribly tedious “sidequest” to deal with for most of the escalations. I found it interesting exactly 1 time.

A thing that blocks a few specific routes is not a bad complication to me. The Prince did that and it was my favorite ET. IO putting them all over the place in a way that forces you to find the device on the other hand is awful.


Yeah, I’m sure 47 doesn’t know about being ratted out, but I doubt he trusts him, or anyone outside of Diana. The whole taking away the silverballers just to give them back later in the game just felt cheap.