Season 2 and what i would like to see change


Agent Smith? Maybe? 2


It may just be a small detail, but I’d like to notice the speed of sound. If you trigger an explosion from across the map, it would feel nice to see the flash a moment before the sound.


Well the point is if you don’t like it… then just make sure the checkbox isn’t ticked.

But that option would be great for the Hitman Jigsaw wannabes out there.

While we’re on this topic I also wish for the following in S2 Contracts Mode:

“Contract Creators now have the option of not allowing the Target to appear in Red when Instinct is turned on” (just like for Elusive Targets).

“Contract Creators can make their Entry and Exit points the only available entry and exit points”

“Creators can make their specific Loadout the only one available”. This means you can simulate Hokkaido Mastery 1 if you press E on everything, start empty, complete the Contract and then make it the required Loadout, or you can use this to make Loadout Challenges an actual thing in the game!


I’ve actually never seen that in a videogame. It would be a really nice detail :smiley:

  • my vote is still for a ‘hideout’ location a la Silent Assassin or Contracts, where you have all your unlocked weapons available at the same time, so you can experiment and toy around with the different things without any loading screens. the fact that we can only bring so much to a mission has kept me from ever bringing anything other than what i already know is useful. And thats kind of sad for a game like this…


I’d like to see more SA sniper spots. I love sniping in the Hitman games and I’d love more spots where I can snipe and still get SA (for example the telescope kill).

Also, pls bring back all the fun stuff like pistol distractions and wallbanging and remove headturning

And IMO the starting locations are one of the best features of HITMAN. Why complain about them when you can just not use them @47Chambers? Same goes for the ‘silly’ suits. I never use Santa 47 but I’m fine if people want to, and I love the Yukata.


Thats not the point.

got it?


Ah, I see what you mean.

But I don’t get why. You can just run there right? So what’s the point? And being able to start in restricted areas (like the morgue) shouldn’t happen often imo (unless it’s a map like Colorado). It’s too OP for suit only runs.

Bangkok definitely should’ve had more Suit only start points.


Lol, I’m one of those guys who thinks the maps are too big :slight_smile: Why do you think those starting points exist in the first place? Its a shortcut. And I dont like the pre-disguises.


Eh the ruins starting point is quite close to the lab while being a suit starting point. How much closer do you want to start?


Fair enough. I prefer there not being as many suit start points or they’d just be useless, but having three or four is nice. I really hope they don’t scrap disguise start points, they allow for much more experimentation without just having to subdue an easy disguise guy for the 40000th time.


Inside lab?

Useless how?

I didn’t mean scrap. I ment either they let me choose 47suit in all starting points, or they offer more points with suit. You can keep your pre-disguises :slight_smile:


I get where you’re coming from but as I said before I’d rather they didn’t overdo it with the suit start points because otherwise SA/SO would be too easy. Also, most start points wouldn’t work because they are blend points or you’d be spotted immediately.

And when I say useless I mean I’d rather have disguise start points. Like, there’d be no point to four or five suit start points in Bangkok, because they’d just be so close so there’d be no point.


This is season two wishlist were talking about. Not season one starting points you have in mind. So the trick and suggestion is to place more suit-starting points in areas where it obviously would fit and it doesn’t make SA/SO too easy. Sapienza lab was not the best example. Take the mansion. There is no starting point with suit inside mansion. If you had to start from the attic inside mansion with suit, how would that make SA/SO too easy? You still had to eliminate 2 targets and the poison in the lab.

On the other hand, if they’d shorten the map by a good chunk, the need of many starting points would vanish.


To understand you better, would you say other maps like Paris did it satisfactory? It has quite alot suit starting points all around the palast and in the attic, too.


Yeah I think Paris is okay. Eventhough the upper floor one you can’t choose the signature suit, and there could be one near the basement.

Edit: This also affects contracts a bit. I created one in paris, and turned out that the “tuxedo suit” that 47 wears in the upper floor starting location counts as objective complete, eventho I created it with 47 signature suit.
Or is there a way to create a contract and force the signature suit as an objective?


Very old contracts seem to feature the kind of suit one has to use but it seems it was changed later.


First, go to where Francesca is, open the faucet, shoot at the wire plug -> Francesca de Santis eliminated in less than 30 seconds.

Second, go through the attic and to the rooftop (the two guards in the attic might need to be dealt with) , shoot the fusebox to open the observatory dome, wait for Caruso to stand under the solar system then crush him with it.

Lastly, use the stairs to go to the lab, using breaching charge or disposable scrambler to open the door then use the stataclite to destroy the virus.

Conclusion: compare to starting suit only in the safe house, starting in the attic will make SA/SO 75% easier.



Second: Want me to give you a medal or archievement for solving SA/SO from a hyperthetical starting location that I quickly made up to give an example? Youre tha real pro dude.

Edit: Here you go :1st_place_medal:, first place!


Maybe it would be a nice extra to lock or block doors? For example if you lure a guard in a bathroom, you can now lock/block the door so they can’t get out. (Maybe bang on the door until someone hears him)

There are maybe some opportunities where this would be nice. But of course, knocking a guard out has the same effect.


I wish for this too but I fear this gets real complicated for NPC routing/scripts.