Season 2 and what i would like to see change


But in Season 1 that’s already the case. And it’s hard to take your seriously when you demand there should be one inside the lab while you literally have the ruins starting RIGHT NEXT TO THE LAB, with one single easy to destroy camera and no guards guarding the entrance.


I don’t think this is a problem, when @JohnnyDrama, @Quinn and I visited IO, we talked with Travis about a lot of things all from wall banging and why they removed it, to NPC. He told us about an case inside the game, where a player managed get up on the roof in one of the levels (Outside NPC reach). The A.I knew he was up there but unable to get there them self, the A.I will try and systematically work their way up to the location, but in the end the game crashed because the NPC (several) ran out of command options and that crashed the game.

So if you program into the game that you are able to block access to a room, then the NPC just needs to be aware of this feature and maybe give them tools to work around it.

Let’s say you are in a room with a target and only one way out, you lock the door. The guards become aware that the target are in danger and now have to find a way to get into the room. I think it could be interesting for them to have options like shooting the lock or finding a blunt object like a fire extinguisher to break down the door. Cool be a cool dynamic and a way to slow guards down overall.


I’m quoting myself for the third time in this tread now. Its like you guys just want to start an argument. Reading properly is the key! The lab and mansion starting locations were just

I also said that I favour a smaller map size, which is directly connected to the amount of starting locations.


I probably shouldn’t reply here, with all the talk of being fully shredded. It was a pretty unnecessary decision they made in this regard, but it’s clearly for marketing reasons.

But they do have to change his posture. He walks around like he has a broom up his arse, and he sticks out like a sore thumb. In the screen shot of absolution his figure is relaxed, and the aesthetic is more natural.


I like almost all changes you would like to see in season 2. I’ll have few more to add to this list.

  1. Battle AI enchancements, should be more like in Absolution
  2. Return of weapons from previous games
  3. Mouse scroll acting as fast way to… scroll equipment in pockets
  4. Hotkeys
  5. Dark themed ambients
  6. MORE ANIMATIONS - they could recycle some of the old ones, I don’t mind. [I love hand to hand animations, and knife kill when 47 is stabbing NPC’s neck after sliceing his throat. 47 should be just more versatile in combat animations, whenever it’s gun, hand to hand fighting or different items. I loved leg neck breaking also.
  7. Reinforcements come to map after open conflict starts.
  8. SOUNDS - oh god, they should rework how weapons sounds
  9. BLOOD STAINS - really… Absolution did it perfect, and Blood Money was very good also.
  10. Recation time. Seriously, how is it possible to alite soldiers are not first to start fireing their machine guns when 47 is preparing to throw a wrench in their face?
  11. Every non-lathal item should have alternative mode to switch to become lethal and differ in animation.
  12. YES to numbers under barcode
  13. YES to human shield

47 postur and presence [however beeing 1,9 meters he should be taller]
No to sliced barcode

Dual wielding istn’t my thing really and it’s not realistic IMO, but I wouldn’t mind that much.

Hope to see at least some of it in season 2 :slight_smile:

EDIT: I forgot awsome movement between covers. They should add more variations.
EDIT 2: And removable silencer under “Y” key. Adds immersion to game.
EDIT 3: Reinforcements should come with heavy weapons. SMG’s and other. Anti-terrorists, or in maps like colorado - more of the same troops.
EDIT 4 [copy post]: Come to mind I should add to AI, that in they actually were shooting in spot they last say you and did not stop for a long time, and after that whey start looking around I don’t remember if they ever go back to they default state. It should back to Hitman, from Absolution.


Yeah detectable blood pools and ideally also detectable drag marks and blood decals need to make a comeback. Without detectable blood there was really no reason (other than challenges) to use fibre wire over the concealable knife or even just a silenced pistol shot in HITMAN 2016. In fact the neck snap also made the fibre wire redundant in a lot of situations too, but that is a whole other thing.


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I agree with a lot of this. Many similarities to my wishlist.


make it take loger to snap someone’s neck/make it make a noise that people nearby can hear e.g in the same room


There is still no reason.

Blood pools don’t affect gameplay, even if you think it does


Do me a favour, if you’re going to quote me can you maybe at least quote whole sentences rather than just snipping little pieces out of my posts that make no sense without proper context just so you can make a little snidey remark? That would be great, thanks.

And yes, of course guards being able to detect blood from messy kills affects gameplay. How could it not? You shoot someone and hide the body, but unlike HITMAN 2016 where you’re then totally safe, a guard can discover the blood and sound an alarm. That’s a pretty huge effect on gameplay, and I’m sure most people will agree. Maybe those people won’t like the idea, but denying it affects gameplay is ridiculous.


Let me rephrase: blood pools don’t affect gameplay in a SA run.


They do though. You can shoot or stab someone in an SA run. So actually blood pools would make SA runs more difficult, as you would have to be more careful about where and how you kill your target.

Blood stains would affect literally any non fibre wire or accident kill by making the kill site more dangerous even after removing the body (if the blood is discovered).


No blood pools have no affect at all at SA runs. You would understand that if you thought about it just a little bit more.


Explain it to me then, I’m a bit slow.


We are talking about how they currently are implemented in the game right? And not a what if case where the A.I was tweaked to notice blood and act accordingly.


Ah, maybe that is the confusion. Yeah I was talking about the AI being able to detect and react to blood stains like in the older games. So if you shoot someone blood spatters up the wall, and pools where the body comes to rest, then NPCs will react to that if they discover it.

Detectable blood smearing on the ground when you drag a body that was shot or stabbed would be cool as well but even just the pooling would be a big step up over nothing.


I’m talking about the what if scenario in which guards would notice blood pools. It does not change anything to the gameplay for SA runs


SA runs isn’t everything!
There are so many ways to play this game, blood pools are bound to affect most styles.


this is so god damn stupid lmao sa runs are far from everything. having blood reactions adds a layer of npc manipulation that can set up more scenarios