Season 2 and what i would like to see change


With so many elusive targets set in sapienza this season, season 2 should have 2 town style missions to keep it fresh


Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if they would make less new locations for season 2 if those we’ll get be like Sapienza or Hokkaido


I find it extremely sad that I have to ask for features that were already in Blood Money.

  1. First Person Mode.
  2. INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGES in the appropriate location, variety of voices (For Christ’s Sake…)
  3. Briefcase / Sniper Assembly.
  4. Blood Stains, Blood Trails (after dragging)
  5. Dual Wield Pistols
  6. More Subtlety, including UI and hints (less words-on-the-screen, less Diana hand-holding dialogue)
  7. Non-Event Triggers/ Non-Player Proximity Triggers (Everything happens at once at the same time)
  8. Better and slower animations (lifting up bodies to dump, neck-snapping, holstering/unholstering, putting down & throwing things - Blood Money’s was much more smoother)
  9. Human Shield.
  10. No Episodes. Just make it the full game.
  11. Better weapon sounds.
  12. Weapon & Gadget Upgrade System / Customization
  13. Remove ALWAYS ONLINE.
  14. Light Switches
  15. Civilians/Bystanders picking up weapons and trying to take you down.
  16. Preparing Fibrewiring instead of instant
  17. Ability to throw objects at the head myself without auto-lock.
  18. Binoculars
  19. Push people down the stairs.
  20. Remove QTE
  21. Classic Rating System

These should of been in from the get-go. C’mon.


And where did i state that SA runs are everything? I said there would be still no reason to use fiber wire over other methods, and that guards noticing blood pools don’t affect SA gameplay

Stupid how? What i stated is simply true. Whatever else you think i implied i didn’t say


i’ve recently found out they had a remote electrocution device in the alpha, so i’d love that to finally come to the final game.


Explain how guards being able to detect blood pools doesn’t change anything to the gameplay for SA runs, because I’m not seeing it.

If you shoot someone and successfully hide the body without detection, but a guard sees the blood, then the gameplay has already changed. You could be on your way to the exit, all ready for your perfect SA rating, but suddenly a guard spots you because his suspicion level was raised as a result of the discovered blood. That is a scenario pretty much anyone who played any of the first four games will be all too familiar with.

Previously you had to be careful about where and how you killed your target, especially on SA runs. The blood being discovered wouldn’t void your SA rating, but it made things trickier. That was the whole point in the fibrewire: it was risky to use but left absolutely no trace once the body was hidden.


For SA runs, there are two scenarios: (excluding accident and poison kills since they are not relevant to this)

You kill someone and leave him right there because you know no one will find him there before you exit the mission. In which case blood pools are irrelevant.

You kill someone and you hide his body in a closet/box whatever. In which case the body can’t be found and blood pools are irrelevant.

So unless you want to change one of the fundamental rules of this game (bodies hidden in closets/boxes etc can’t be found), blood pools have no affect on SA runs. In runs that are more messy, sure, it adds to the gameplay. Note that i’m not saying this mechanic should not be in the game, i’m just indifferent to it because it doesn’t affect me. So i rather have them spending their limited budget on stuff that’s more important.

Not once has that ever happened to me while i was close to the exit. If you stayed around in close proximity to the crime scene then sure, but why would you do that


What if you have to kill someone but there’s not closet or box nearby and you have to hide the body in a corner? It doesn’t happen that often but it happens. Especially in Contract Mode.


Many of these were exaggerated and borderline-offensive in BM. No thanks.

They’ve been working on it for a long time, it just doesn’t work very well in HITMAN’s engine.

They did?

That’s being worked on right now.

How would CQC work?

Episodic is great, if you want the full game why not wait for the full release? You’d be doing that anyway

What do you mean in particular? Can’t most be turned off?


I’ll never get the dumb complaints about episodic.

Hey genius, here’s a solution: wait. It isn’t hard. The game will be fully released at about the same time it would otherwise. Let the people who like episodic to be able to play it that way. It literally doesn’t fucking affect you in the slightest.
Always Online has been removed from the game for months.
Civilians picking up weapons is dumb, no thanks.
Pushing people down the stairs is ridiculously OP, again, no thanks.
Everything happens at once at the same time is literally impossible in a game with locations this huge. Do people think about this for like a second before suggesting it? It would be a complete utter mess. It’s fine the way it is now. There’s a general timer and you can speed up some events or wait for them to play out, this is good.
Dual Wield pistols is a utter pointless adittion. I really don’t see the point.
It would be cool to have better fitting voices, but using BM as a good example… lmao. Not to mention Blood Money barely had dialogues to begin with. Pretty easy to have voices that way when you barely have to voice anything.


I can agree with much of your post except for:1,2,5,7,9,10,13,15,17,19 and maybe 21.


But the blood can be found in that second scenario, even if the body itself isn’t found. Which if implemented like in previous games, would result in an increased state of alert among guards. So the blood pools are not irrelevant in that scenario.

That is fair enough but it being possible at all, regardless of whether you encounter it or not, is precisely how it affects gameplay. Guards can discover blood and potentially blow the player’s cover as a result, therefore it affects gameplay. Players would take steps to avoid that happening.

The fact that you already play in a way that would mostly mitigate the effects of that doesn’t change the fact that there are effects. And if you look at those effects across the game as a whole, and not just SA runs, it actually adds quite a lot in terms of attention to detail for something so small. They’d have to program the AI and everything, but really all they’re doing there is maybe adding a few lines of dialogue and making the nearby guards temporarily go into a suspicious state (so white dots overhead, if they go with the same system in the next game). It doesn’t seem like a huge amount of work to me, but I’m not a dev so what do I know.


Actually it affects everyone. If you kill someone and hide their body, an npc may come to that spot. If they added blood pools, I’m sure they’d add that guards start searching that immediate area or a civilian go call a guard that they found blood which would then have the guard go into said search mode.

So if you need to trigger a conversation to get a kill at a late time, someone else you kill can affect that potential next kill.

I have a video example. The very first kill (if blood pools were in the game) would change the way I can’t kill the white-haired model girl becusse when she enters the room, she sees the blood and she won’t go into position for me to headshot her.

That alone affects everyone, SA or not. The only thing that blood pools shouldn’t do is have guards find bodies in a bin/closet. They should follow the blood trail to the bin and then do what they do now and say “where did the body go?”

So to say it doesn’t affect SA is false. It changes the way you approach your kills. Sure it may not affect the speedrunner (as often, but still will), but it will affect slower players looking to get SA as well and that player base is far bigger, but that’s irrelevant. The only relevant statement here is that it WILL affect everyone and with all playstyles.

Bring. Back. The. Gore

I think what is meant by this is with progression. You can’t unlock and get gear without being online.

I agree with everything else you said. Bang on.:+1:

The funny thing here is that these ppl who want these accents only complain because “it’s not immersive” to have British accents in some locations like Bangkok. So if it’s all about “immersion”, then why don’t these same ppl complain that 90% of NPCs look exactly the same? Lmao.


I nitpicked stuff from your list :slight_smile: The things I vote for.

^^Good stuff.

Also good, but I think its due to performance that they cant do it.


You mean the worst game in the series? Lol, ok.

No reason to have this in the game.

Focus on gameplay first.

Would make no difference. Pointless fucking addition.


No reason to have this.

I don’t understand what you mean by ‘classic’.

Sorry to burst your bubble.


At the top of my head:

  1. Walk button / Able to change speed á la Sam Fisher (Example: following the bellboy to your Bangkok hotel room felt so stupid, and in situations sneaking just to move slowly is just meh, especially wih the NPC remarks)

  2. Proper locale voice acting (they even inform you about their “Wide range of ethnic groups, beliefs and religions etc.” in the startup video / Fix the echo/sound quality/lessen the area you hear people speak (sometimes you can be 15-20m away and it’s like in your face even though the guy is just talking to himself about something he’s looking at on his phone) AND please lessen the direct NPC chatter to my face I don’t need to hear the “Nice suit!” “Hello Mr. Bodyguard” 10 times during a level.

  3. Individual level themes, if for some (stupid) reason a dynamic soundtrack is needed then make it very sparingly and have a focus/possibility to seamlessly switch back to the original level theme. Also no more stingers if you shoot your silenced gun, even in thin air. That’s just annoying and makes it less immersive.

  4. Stop Diana’s mindreading abilities and apparent cameras in 47’s eyes (Maybe this is toggable? Her constant on the side commentary about your targets as you spot them or deal with them is something I really dislike)

  5. Able to turn off (since some people like it apparently) doors automatically closing

  6. More “weight” to the animations in general and slow down the speed they’re being performed, while I can’t find a good video other than this one perhaps keep in mind this game is 13 years old

yet I feel the Chaos Theory packs more of a punch and just feel better. Looks a bit stupid in this video though, you just gotta play it to know what I mean.

  1. While we’re on the Chaos Theory subject I might as well request that if you have the ability to shoot out lights as we do in HITMAN, make it actually useful? Sometimes the lighting doesn’t change that much or even got some strange lightsource there still, and from what I remember guards can still see you just as well in daylight as in darkness.

  2. Add more dynamic blood, blood trails from dragging body, blood splatter on walls, NPCs investigating blood (and thus perhaps keeping a guard in that room or something, I mean they react to guns laying around so…)

  3. Make NPCs change behavior after getting shot, this is something Perfect Dark which was made in 2000 for the Nintendo 64 even nailed perfectly (they can even beg on their knees if you grab their gun and aim yours or theirs at their face for a few seconds) or limp obviously when shot. Then again death animations > shitty ragdolls/Havok physics.

  4. Tone down the James Bond spy vibe and making 47 look like a hero/Dexter-esque

  5. Remake Beldingford Manor? :slight_smile:

  6. Add some of Hitman: Contracts dark gritty goodness?

  7. Look into changing throwing weapons? As of now they can go through walls/doors and in general feel extremely overpowered in kills and KOs. Just don’t add durability or something like that, a crowbar breaking after 3 uses would be worse. The autoaim on the head makes it even more overpowered (and at times annoying if you’re trying to aim it next to someone)

  8. Change AI vision cones, eagle vision, x-ray et. al.

  9. Fix/Change subduing, if they’re a pixel on top on a staircase or something you’ll engage in combat, add the abysmal vision cones in this scenario and yeah it’s just awful right now.

  10. Remove breaking necks? I can’t remember the last time I used the fiber wire unless for a challenge etc. I almost want to remove the subdues or something as well but eh, I guess there are other ways to make it more challenging for myself. Though just the fact of having to use a syringe only to knock someone out (not counting melee weapons) would be a cool mode or difficulty.

  11. Bring back the shed from Hitman 2 or similar (perhaps individual rooms in 47’s hideout since we have quite a lot of weapons and tools these days) it was fun to collect things in levels and see them collected there to be used in levels they weren’t normally in.

  12. Add even more variation in melee tools, weapons, etc. in the levels

  13. Make the world less “static” it feels sort of empty at times, in the Yakuza series you can use the environment to hurt the enemies like bashing them into a wall or a table or car window, while that game is an extreme example you kind of get what I mean if you’ve played it or seen it. Example: Instead of just the “Overflow sink” everywhere we could smash someone’s face into it.

  14. Add “Sharpening” to graphics in game options like The Witcher 3 (and generally make it look better) as of now it looks like someone’s taken a bar of soap and smeared it on the screen. I use my personal SweetFX since the very first day of release but still:

Here’s a good comparison more on the preset page.


I say don’t remove it but instead add more animations for the fiber wire, similar to the ones in Blood Money. Also, make it a bit slower so the player can enjoy the feeling of strangling the life out of our victim. Overall, breaking necks/ subduing will remain more useful but the fiber wire would be more fun and satisfying to use.


is it just me or is the idea of actually arguing against additional features (especially ones that existed before) just to defend the developer literally the most counter productive thing you can do as a consumer? lmao


YES! I miss the old days when fiber wiring someone was not fast and easy like nowadays. It was slow,difficult,required a good place where not to be spotted and would actually be useful because of the bloodless kill since the NPCs did react to blood BUT DAMNIT it was a signature kill! It felt satisfying and it was realistic and looked painful. It had the purpose of making you feel like a badass pulling it off since getting so close to a target wasn’t fast but a methodical process that required timing and patience. The animation we have now looks like strangling a person is something easy and fast like shooting them in the head or cutting their throat! I honestly would be happy if they just went with the one where 47 puts the target on his back while strangling him. It was the best one IMO. Or something new. Just…not this fiber wire garbage. Not to mention that it’s 47’s close quarters weapon of choice(so arguably as important as the Silverballers)and it’s not visible. That still bothers me :neutral_face: