Season 2 and what i would like to see change


The only game in the franchise where enemies actually reacted to blood was Blood Money. When Absolution came out, this was features removed together with many others. I would like it back, too, but people always make it sounds like this was a key feature since the first game. :sweat_smile:


No this is not true,they reacted to blood in Absolution too



That’s interesting. Does it affect your rating?


I don’t know,I never cared about rating so I don’t pay attention to that but I suppose it does


Didn’t they react to it in Contracts?Or am I wrong?
I swear I remember this one time on Beldingford where I messed up and made quite the killing spree…heh probably bad memory.
In Absolution they actually did react to it though I remember that at least.


Here is my list from what i missed the most from Season 1.

Dual wielding Pistols
Human Shield

This one is not a big deal but i kinda miss the pushing mechanic from Hitman Blood Money.


I feel like the fibre wire should be more effective than the neck snap for gameplay purposes, but I also agree about the animation thing. It is kinda tricky because in HITMAN 2016 the fibrewire is more effective by being faster and allowing you to immediately drag the body, but on the other hand the speed of the animation is a bit silly. There’s no struggle, they just die as soon as the wire goes around their neck*.

I guess one option would be slowing down the wire kill to be roughly the same speed as a chokehold neck snap, but make the neck snap loud when done during a chokehold. Like make the NPC yell out or something. They could keep it silent when the NPC is already unconscious obviously.

*Also on the topic of fibre wire animations they need to sort out how 47 holds it. We don’t need to see the wire on the NPC’s neck but at least have 47 hold the handles properly during the kill. In HITMAN 2016 he has both handles in one hand, they never separate. The fibre wire model is just two black cylinders stuck together. There is no detail or animation, it looks crap.



To give the fiber wire a comeback:

They could make it so that it’s the only way you’ll be able to carry a body rather than slowly drag it, let’s say 47 makes one of those fiber wire moves which would sort of allow him to seamlessly transition into immediately, and for the first time in the Hitman series, carry the body on his shoulder or something.

While it would be maybe a little frustrating to only be able to carry bodies this way and not pick them up any other way so to speak, it could be a pretty cool and efficient way to bring back this fun and classic weapon.


That with a slow and violent animation to make it balanced and satisfying and the wire being visible would make the fiber wire great. AGAIN.
GREAT IDEA. Now,to make it become real so that I can start using the wire again.


Guys, dont u find boring the music after complete all the objectives?


Posting of Time to Leaderboards should include a Mission Log transmission to IOI. IOI can have an automated system that checks the Log for impossible/cheating activity as well as impossible minimum times for missions.

It will also check Scoreboard against this Log to ensure the scores and traits match entries in the Log.

You will then be informed at Scoreboard screen if there was a problem qualifying your score/time.

That will end cheating.


I personally think subduing should be at least twice as long as it is now. Also, as soon as you begin to subdue someone you should have the option to snap their neck. I’ve seen so many lets people just subdue the target then snap their neck while they’re unconscious rather then just doing it during the subdue animation which should be much faster and simpler.


I think it’s okay the way it is. It makes sense for 47 to take a couple of seconds to get good alignment and grip with his hands around the neck of the struggling victim, before he gets to snap his/her neck.

I do agree that subduing should take longer than it does now.


It used to take a lot longer but then the devs shortened it dramatically, I think?


If you tab rapidly the button to subdue, then takes like 2 seconds but if you keep it pressed in place of tapping it, then you take longer and around the same time it used to take when the game came out. I think it should be left as it is.


IMO the fastest option to subdue is still too fast. The ‘hold down the button’ solution isn’t a solution; that’s just the player going out of their way to make it slower.


I think they did. Funny how they leave stuff like this (and head turning) out of patch notes. :thinking:


If we are able to pull out a gun and shoot while scaling a ledge, then why can’t I toss an item for a distraction or pull a trigger for a bomb or something? Would also like to pull a trigger if I’m hiding inside a bin/closet.


i want the ability to play mission after mission, without going to the main menue. it works in Patient Zero, so why not at the maingame?


I’m thinking the neck snap doesn’t become available until about the 7th press of subdue (out of 10 presses). The reason, I believe, is that the victim is losing consciousness, muscle tension/strength becomes less, and an easier, cleaner snap of the neck becomes possible. :worried:

Anyway, I’m fine with the way it is.

As for what I’d like to see change? Well, the only things I find frustrating are these…

If you’re fighting with an NPC, and an unconscious body is near you, when you try to punch one guy, but bend down and snap the neck of the one on the ground. Or when you want to vault over something, but end up pushing a lady over into the water (happened to me while making my way to an exit in Sapienza :laughing: ).

Or, when you have multiple things (when using a controller) to press Y for. You try to close a door, but end up going into a bin to hide, or press Y to pick up a coin, but end up turning on the faucet, etc.

NPCs on stairs. No option to subdue, you just end up punching them in the leg or some other nether region.