Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)

Looks like the logo has been completely removed from the WB servers now… A little late, but I guess they’ve learned for future reveals.


If the announcement is “next week” as the article claims… it will be at E3.

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That sounds good, but remember when Hitman was announced in E3 2015 to launch in December 2015… just to be delayed to early 2016.

It’s Animal Crossing, isn’t it?


It can happen, but also, it is likely that Season 2 will be using Season 1’s engine, and will follow Season 1’s format. Season 1 was a new thing, Season 2 is a bit more of a typical sequel, meaning hopefully this time around it won’t take as long for it to start up after announcement.

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@YacobT Take a bow…

Does this guy win a special prize or something? :slight_smile:

I was going to post again about North Korea… but who cares?!? “Let’s go racing!” :slight_smile:


It’s in the news now…

I see what you did there! :sunglasses:


There was a separate WB tease about Rocksteady and a Superman logo. So they must have gotten confused.

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What’s most likely for June 7?

  • Bonus mission in a small new level before Season 2 episode 1
  • Season 2, episode 1
  • Season 2 “prologue” episode, a la ICA Facility

I wouldn’t expect anything except information to be released - formally announcing the game and the November launch date.


Yeah… It’s probably just a Trailer
And maybe we’re getting a gameplay trailer of the first episode

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What these next two days will feel like:


Holy shit, it’s happening mates! Never thought I’d see the day.


As someone on Twitter said, not presenting an E3 level during E3 will be a missed opportunity.

I see this working in a way that there will be a general update that transforms HITMAN into HITMAN 2 (and the S2 content is locked). Then a roadmap for the missions and we buy the thing again by Episode (10 usd per episode for 6 episode) or maybe… 40 - 50 USD for the whole season since Season 2 inhabits the “body” of Season 1 so essentially IOI only have to implement Season 2 as a set of quarterly updates and we save 10 - 20 usd by buying the whole thing immediately.

In an ideal world the new S2 tile grid will feature data from the Roadmap (so that Missions 2 to 6 will have release dates on them for example). These would be considered quality of life changes that prevent us from feeling in limbo. lol


I somehow got to thinking that it said “target arrives June 7,” so yeah, probably not an actual content drop.

Edit: Well, it actually says “Target incoming. Access Denied // June 7th 2018.”

If we are to get some form of briefing, it will probably be something like “the target will be attending the Super Awesome Race at the Bob Saget Raceway, which is currently scheduled to take place on November xth 2018. This will be your best opportunity to engage”.

Similar to how the promo videos for The Sarajevo Six that were released in advance that said Scott Sarno (“The Director”) would be at the Sanguine fashion show taking place on March 11th 2016 (even though in-game it’s set in 2019).

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Where’s your imagination?

The race will be the 24 hours of Le Mans.

Note: cars shown in the WB teaser appear to be LMP1 prototypes. :slight_smile:

Optional: They can fictionalize the event as maybe “The 12 Hours of Insert-Country-Name” if there are rights issues with Le Mans.

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Monaco Grand Prix or get out.

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Anyone spotted this in a teaser?