Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)

Thats some awesome replica you have there.

so why didnt they share what happened when tried to buy?

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Now You believe us?!


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I shared a tweet about it.

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I don’t know! Lol don’t shoot the messenger

You should check this then. I’m working on a very original identical 100% replica right now.


Oh my fucking god 47 looks so badass in that wallpaper cool shit!!!

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Well, if thats true, we might better get our hopes down. I mean, gold edition? And a shooting 47? The last time we had that it was absolution. The Hitman has this silent assassin vibe, and if the wallpaper is guns blazing, we might get season two created with a different playstyle. That would be pretty bad.

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@Bielak812 unnamed%20(1)


I know,I actually look pretty good now that I lost some weight :upside_down_face:

Of course,I just think that photo looks terrible and I’m tired of seeing 47 with a gun in random positions for every game cover


that red tie is bothering my design eye tho :weary:… looks off centered, and not blowing in the wind like his jacket is…


Or they just aiming for that casual audience. A shooting guy is way more attractive than holding a briefcase.

But… But… HITMAN is a puzzle game, not a shooter…

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Amazing. The only real world weapon I would like to own.

I agree, be hilarious when it just turns out to be a new PS theme :joy:

But holding a briefcase, or staying in the shadows, or any other cover from litterally any other hitman game looks better for us. And if we are’nt the target audience this time, something is going horribly wrong at IOI.

The real question is… is that a blackballer in the photo? @badeaguard


Just because of that picture you cannot assume it’s anything like Absolution. Crazy??

Which hitman game has been IO’S best seller?

I just imagine the IOI members sitting in the room for the livestream, with a huge projector projecting the hitman forum on a wall and they just get amused by our conversations and guesses about season two or any other content ideas they might could come up with.