Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)

Or like Travis with his “Say Season Two and comming” to the other dude in the stream. I guess there are so many hints, and we are their only income, they will annouce season two today. They don’t risk fucking with all of us at once.

I don’t think you should look too much into it.It’s probably just a random rifle created just for trailer


Travis dropped a huge hint at the end of the last stream that something was coming now that I think about it.

They were talking about the IOI account thing in the game and he was talking about how it will be used to send emails about “new content releases, news from the studio or other announcements you’ve been waiting for”…

You sly dog @Travis_IOI. :wink:


I just realised something: we will get a new Hitman and most likely Splinter Cell within the next year.

What year is it? Great time for stealth fans.


Travis in general is really good in making you hyped. Just think about the “time to reload, season two is comming” post that turned out to be for the punisher series.

It’s almost like it’s part of his job…


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If you’re into metal gear, this year will not be great but a hard pill to swallow, realising those two are the only franchise left around in that genre.

I think you’re onto something there! What if he did all of this for IOI the whole time? :smiley:

That’s sad indeed. But Phantom Pain is newer than SC Blacklist. And maybe Death Stranding will be some sort of spiritual successor to MGS.

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I don’t know if I am sweating because of the heat here in Germany or because I am effin’ hyped for the announcement.

Probably the heat. But the announcement is great also!

I know that this point did nothing to take the discussion further but … it’s 47 again!

Still hoping for Mapother to take over though.

I’m sitting here in shorts in Germany, too. But the heat is definitly the Hitman hype (but there’s a thunder storm underway).


I could swear there was someone from IO replying here moments ago … :hushed:

Can anyone post the countdown timer again pls :grinning:

Less than 5 hours


I certainly hope we don’t come out the other side looking like this


4 hours and 51 minutes left

If you can’t wait and need some salt, check out the Superman fans under the WB tweets. :smiling_imp:


God, I can’t wait
I’ve been awake all day
Working on my university project
I’m really sleepy right now
But I can’t sleep
All I can think about right now is the HITMAN
I have a good feeling about it this time

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Off topic. I have a new date (maybe) this friday with a vegetarian girl. But I’m more hyped for today