Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)

What’s stopping them after 3 seasons? If they keep making phenomenal levels like Sapienza and Hokkaido why not carry on and do another 3?

I knew they would do Season 2 anyway. Nice to hear it from the horses mouth. Think of all the things they have learnt from Season 1. What works what doesn’t what could they do better etc. In Season 2 it will be the refined ultimate Hitman experience we have always wanted :smiley:


All of this sounds great, lets wait and see how it turns out.

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The engine. I would want IO to take a break and work on a new, much improved engine after Season 3. Hell, after Season 2 is fine too. Hitman’s engine is good, but it can be so much better.

I agree with the above post the engine and graphics etc would be outdated by the end of season three.

doh. Didn’t think of that one…

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Guess they’d have to upgrade the Glacier engine/ build a new one unless it’s like Source and has a long lifespan with updates etc.

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great news.
just get rid of the triggers

No, i like the triggers, or i have to run around like a mad man to catch up with the npc’s, that’s one of the reasons i like Hitman, i can take my time.
I didn’t like that IO-I changed the trigger to the Dalia speech :cry:.


Yeah, i was against triggers too, in some cases i do agree things should move without 47, but in others trigers allow for a more calm and calculated approach, without having to run to cath up to events

I like my role-play and walking everywhere :wink:
Its a shame about the Dalia speech…


As much as I’d love to be able to keep playing Season 1s locations, I want the game to get better.

If every change they make to the game has to work with all previous locations, it would surely limit how much they can change, or at least make things a lot more complicated.

Unlocks on the other hand, I don’t care about. It’s not that I don’t like any of them, I’m just not attached in any way and so wouldn’t mind if they reset them and changed how you unlocked them in Season 2.


I don’t know how to feel about this.

I have an icebox where my heart use to be.

Gonna wait until the disk either way so I don’t know how to feel about the fact that one season I have digital and the other season will be hard copy.

Maybe that’ll be the famous ‘brick’ system?

I wonder if season 2 will be cheaper for people who preordered season 1. :smile:

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You wish :smile:

A small discount on your store if you own S1 is not a bad idea though, it would definitely entice me to get it .

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It will probably cost as much as the Upgrade Pack if you own FE or Intro pack, makes no sense to ask for the full price if season 1 and 2 are merged into one game.

I thought about this and I couldn’t find any reason why any of the features and mechanics requested by the players would break any of the existing missions. The only downside might be that the old levels won’t benefit from some of the new features (eg. no plates to carry in Ep. 1-7).

Three seasons of HITMAN will be a bitch to download that’s for sure!

So the same base game?

That actually makes me lose hope on getting Jesper Kyd music and a main menu overhaul. Not to mention how bad the game is optimized imo

Happy to see we’ll have our season 1 unlocks though

The game allows you to download each episode separately so you don’t have to download everything to play it.

Which is the point that says S2 will be an addition to the base game?

So do you think there will be another Pre-Order bonus for Season 2? With a new suite?

Yes I would imagine so there normally is with games now days.