Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)


It is nearly impossible to become independent with a “triple A” -esque studio due to its budget. Even a dev team like rockstar or rocksteady can’t do. The only way they become independent is if they cut their budget big time which would mean the game would suffer. Then it becomes just like any indie game out there or turns back into BM. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Our buds at SEGA have spoken to their shareholders about their business strategy moving forward, which includes obtaining new IPs for North American and European PC audiences.

I personally love SEGA (Football Manager, Yakuza, and HITMAN are the only games I bought the past few years outside of Steam sales)so I’m insanely biased, but they would be a perfect fit for IOI and Season 2.


Sonic-explosive-device confirmed!


Alien: Isolation!!! :slight_smile:


Sonic Boom


The greatest horror game that will never get to have a sequel.


Yup. That’s why I am not very sure about Sega getting hold of Hitman franchise.


I really liked Isolation, but I wouldn’t call it great. It could have very easily been a good 8-10 hours shorter.


Isolation was awesome, I’ll give you that, but the greatest…?

Nah, I’d go with Silent Hill 2.


I didn’t said it was the greatest horror game ever made. I said it was the greatest horror game that never got a sequel.


That was a nice save. :wink:
Alien: Isolation stood out for me in the horror, graphics and Alien AI departments.


It was not a save. It is exactly what I intended to say.


Well, I’m no native speaker but it sounds dodgy to say the least. Could’ve worded it better because it sounds nothing like what you intended to say. Oh well, it’s clear now anyway.


And I am not a native speaker either. But I remember reading native speakers using the same phrase structure.


Hey, slight deviation from topic! Get out!

Kudos for the use of a profile picture featuring a member of Providence.


The key here is to be able to tell a Big Company that you just want help Distributing and Marketing the game. You want THEM to spend on that and take a cut from the game “without having to worry about how the games are made”. You then solve the problem of operating budget yourself.

Also, you could do this “title by title” - You sign contracts with a publisher just for one specific title so the rights they have are limited to that title (and maybe sequels to that title if the Publisher is “in love” with it). But no rights on you or other projects by you.

It’s a lot more work than living comfortably in the confines of a powerful conglomerate where you can sit in your corner office just thinking about how to make great games. But overall I think it could be better this way for IOI.

This is, btw, still an option for SE. They could divest from IOI (“IOI has to figure out main operating costs itself”), but in exchange they just have a deal specifically to keep HITMAN at SE - and IOI will continue to make Seasons/Sequels for HITMAN and SE will keep publishing it and marketing it for a cut - while IOI is now free to work on its own projects, find budget at its own level, and seek its own publisher for Non-HITMAN projects (“SE relinquishing rights to future IOI work that is not related to HITMAN”).


hmmm, i figured we would hear more by now.


You don’t know IOI then. News is coming “soon”


Soon™ *! Blizzard’s domain I tell you.


Man I hope season 2 is still happening. I really don’t want this to become yet another Silent Hills Debacle. The finale got me hooked into the story.