Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)


Waiting for season 2 like…


Look the coordinates on the wall map in the shelter in Colorado, after some calculation, you can find the release date of season 2.

Polar coordinate system gave me this date :


100% reliable.


heres to hoping we hear something this week or at least august schedule has something actually exciting :confused:


Hoho, of course not. It will be the usual song and dance routine about some bullshit new feature that nobody asked for.


Dude thats mad :joy: beers on me if you’re correct

I wish they would give us some official clearity on this. I mean what will S2 even be like? If it’s one location per month from the same launcher as S1, it could be right around the corner! Didn’t I read somewhere that they were halfway done?

Addition: and what about the tutorial for newcomers? Will they just stick to the S1 turorial? Will you be able to play S2 without owning S1? … so many questions! :weary:


29 February in 2018, eh? 100% reliable. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol, you could’ve waited for a day to see more posts showing excitement, before gently breaking the news! :smiley:


It’s frustrating. It’s 9 months ago since the last story episode came out. Rumors say season 2 is over 50% finished now, but we haven’t heard a single thing. No trailer, no news, no nothing. I would like to hear what country we will visit in S2E1, what kind of target we get, how the story continues, but IO is just like :zipper_mouth_face:. 10 featured contracts and 2 escalations a month are not as interesting and won’t keep me playing the game every day. Season 2 will keep me playing. I hope we hear something in August, but I don’t expect much…


I would rather them work on it in silence and release when they are good and ready.

I don’t wanna hear nothing until it is done and it has polish.


It would be nice to have at least some sort of time horizon, like “later this year” or “2018”. For all we know it could be dropping any time between tomorrow and ten years from now…

Ten years being a hypothetical time limit as we don’t even know that much :joy:


I would like so much that IOI hide a clue or something like that in the current game to find more information on the second season but nobody found something :frowning:

My dream is to find a secret room in Colorado or Hokkaido that nobody has yet discovered, with something related to the next season :open_mouth:


Even if they would just add the room with the next update and be like: “gee you guys, the answer has been right in front of you this whole time” :smile::ok_hand:


But anyhow, it’s crazy what this game will do to you! I find myself refreshing hitmanforum more frequently than facebook these days :sweat_smile:


That’d be awesome but at the same time, would require money and time to create. Btw, people are still finding new stuff in GTA V!




Return of the Soon.




Was just about to share this

If this isn’t season 2 I’m getting a bit done with their nonsense tweets about exciting stuff. They’ve been tweeting shit like half a year now, but still no season 2.

Don’t let us wait any longer Travis!


some great things are coming. i guarantee you that! Hitman is alive more than ever!


Sounds like someone has been somewhere… :wink:


Time for real talk. This HAS to be a Season 2 announcement referral, it just has to be!

PS wouldn’t mind more challenge packs to keep me going either