Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)


Also fantastic. Not sure what you are trying to imply?


That Colorado sucks ass and Paris rules


Colorado was, umm… uhmm fan… fantastic?
WHAT?! Colorado was ugly, grey, little, restricted, depressing map, or in one word (actually four words) nearly worst map in the series


to each their own I guess :slight_smile:


I love all maps in the game as they all bring something different. I don’t know why you can’t be more open minded to every map. There’s things that Colorado has that Paris doesn’t and vice versa.

I am one who actually prefers some restriction as it brings out the puzzler out of me. That’s why the bookkeeper was my favourite et. Although Paris is awesome, it’s a little too open and free for my liking.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Colorado is better than Paris. I’m just saying Colorado brings something that Paris doesn’t.


i honesttly would take 10 maps of something along the lines of beldingford manor- youd better watch out- initatiin to a party- or that wedding mission in bm2- anything where they have the opportunity to have replayability. with lots of diffrrent ways to make the kill. even if they are small.
colorado misdion was a waste. didnt even feel like i was playing hitman. maybe somewhat when you get into the house.


My biggest issue with Colorado is that it feels it doesn’t use its potential for opportunities as well as it possibly could (seriously, 4 targets and about as many challenges as Bangkok instead of more like you’d expect, why?) and it just feels too contained compared to how wild it could get with that setting. Oh yeah, and the targets can’t fight back, that’s just silly.
But I generally like it. I legit like the dreary tone of it (reminds me of my favorite time of the year tbh), it works rather well for it. I’d just like to see them doing something else with it in a bonus mission, same as Bangkok. Dunno what you could do for Hokkaido, considering the kind of setting it is, but if they released a bonus mission pack with addons for Bangkok and Colorado that work as well for those levels as A House Built On Sand did for Marrakesh, I’d be all over that.


Nothing to do with openmindedness. Paris & Sapienza were just better maps quality wise, you can’t deny that. And that’s my point.

I rather have 6 top quality maps, instead of 9 mediocre/decent/good maps


Colorado is just ridicolous, and is not playable as the other 5 maps, them wanted to do a mission like “say hello to my little friend” but fuckin rose is an unarmed idiot where are the supersoldiers?


And I rather have 9 top quality maps like how season 1 had 6 top quality maps.

I’d tell you why you don’t understand but you just wouldn’t understand. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you’re seriously claiming that all 6 maps were of the same top quality, then i just don’t know what to say…

Yes they all brought something different, and can be appreciated for that. That does not mean they are all 6 from the same top quality.

Claiming they are is just …


I’d like at least one map like Colorado making better use of the area and offering more opportunities. By like Colorado, I mean a completely restricted place that you’ll have to infiltrate.

I’d also like more than two targets in some missions, additional targets added during the middle of a mission like Flatline in BM, some different objectives other than killing targets, and if possible to implement, completed objectives leading to some new objectives. All of these would offer more replay options.


As I said, I could explain it to you, but you wouldn’t understand. That’s why you said meh to the bookkeeper. The best et of the season. :upside_down_face:


All maps are good tbh. My main issue with Colorado is the lack of verticality.


It comes down to a simple saying, “to each his own”. How someone can say preference is fact, is totally false.


So true. So true.

Personally, I judge maps by two standards: the main mission and a place were additional content can take place (contracts, escalations, elusive targets), which, to be honest, is where most of us now spend our time - especially contracts! Again, it’s a personal opinion, but I was not a fan of the main missions in Bangkok (too restrictive), Colorado (forced to use the stupid tornado shelter exit), and Hokkaido (no loadout until level 20). However, Colorado is now one of my all time favourite maps for additional content; I still love the adrenaline rush from trying to navigate that map suit only. What makes Paris and Sapienza so great is that they tick both boxes: the main missions were superb and they are just perfect for additional content. There is nothing those maps can do to disappoint.


47 cannot do a blend-in solo on the Sapienza church’s organ. Damn that would have been great.


If there’s a good thing for Bangkok, is that you can play La Cucaracha while being dressed as exterminator at Jordan’s penthouse.


What if the august content scedule says ‘big announcement’ in the later this month section. I hope they start talking soon and this thread explodes of activity.

Edit: the european Gamescom game event takes place at august 22. This is the ultimate opportunity for IO to announce it. If they don’t do it there, then I’m sure we can wait for decades.


“IO-Interactive is proud at announce the release of Hitman: The Dress-Up Game. Available only on your mobile phone. Pre-Order now to get the Requiem Outfit for free.”:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: