Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)


Season 2 is coming…

7 years later

Season 2 is coming…

A century later

Season 2 is coming…




I don’t know why but I have a feeling that Season 2 will be announced at E3 2018 looking by the current situations :frowning:


Facking bullshit. IOI is hardcore trolling us right now. I think everyone wants to know how far season 2 is finished. Or what locations we will visit. Or something.


what did you expect? its IO we are talking about. i think that season 2 will be announced next fall and released in 2019.


2000 (H:C47) -> 2002 (H:SA) -> 2004 (H:C)
2016 (Season 1) -> 2018 (Season 2) -> 2020 (Season 3)

There is a pattern and i failed to see it… Someone knows about season 2… someone playing a game, the question is, against whom ? :no_mouth:


I don’t understand why more challenges can’t be pumped out so there’s more unlockables. I can’t believe I’m actually getting bored with this game given how much I could play it all the time. It’s frustrating because there’s no story resolution basically and I’ve played all maps hundreds of times. If the briefcase were to be put into the game that would change the entire thing but as it is now I’d like to know where they’re at with season 2 or something because my hype level is pretty meh.


I don’t understand how the briefcase will change that much for anything. With smuggle points, you can get the sniper anywhere in suit. So what’s the problem? All you’re really asking for is the “look” of carrying a briefcase.

And the briefcase would look so stupid in Colorado and Hokkaido. Lol


I like being able to covertly carry the sniper anywhere, in Blood Money I would go out of my way to go for sniper kills because I loved how damn cool it was. In Hitman 2016, I only snipe when necessary because of how, well, “uncool” it is. It would make sniping fun.


It is mostly about looking badass, but it would have an actually, mechanical impact on playing in Professional mode.


i still dont think season 2 will arrive


Fair enough but if you don’t get SA, sniping is garbage. And in BM, the maps were so unpopulated and having only 1 starting point, that it made it fine to carry a suitcase. But we have smuggle points now and areas are so populated that the “spots for sniping” can mostly be accessed without a problem.

And then there’s the puzzle element of trying to figure out how to move your sniper somewhere, kinda like how Euler did the foretold featured contract. Sniper Contracts like that will be ruined.

And wouldn’t it be the same to just put on a guard suit and hold your sniper in public? But I guess you wanna do it your suit, right?

So getting the sniper somewhere like how chaos agent got it to the church tower in landslide, that’s an amazing part of the game which will be lost.

I just think there is more to ruin than to have “be cool” with the briefcase.


It’s not about the functionality; it’s about the animations, the style, the badassness (is that a word?) of the briefcase.


Yep you nailed it. Some of my favorite Blood Money memories are using the sniper in the Opera House as well as in the Casino to kill the Sheikh. I wouldn’t have even bothered with those assassinations if it weren’t for the briefcase and its functionality. In this game I more or less just go for accident kills because sniping and garroting aren’t as fun as they used to be. I don’t feel like a badass having to drop my sniper rifle right away and run out of the area.


Sniper is a pussy/coward weapon when you think about it (except the lancer).

And coward stuff is never badass, does not matter if there is a briefcase or not.

I personally would never make use of it, much rather be able to wallbang again than walking around with a case lol




You could argue that, for someone who enjoyed and took advantage of the briefcase in older games, the current sniping system is already “ruined”. Bringing the briefcase back would change part of the game, but that change would be a welcomed improvement imo.


I agree, not soon. I think the season 2 release date will be set for fall 2018. Making a new Hitman game with existing codebase take at least 2 years for a studio like IO Interactive. Making a new AAA game from scratch with a new Game Engine takes at least 5 years.

But we need some teasing… please IOI :pray:


According to the devs, any contract curator are chosen by IO will have an interview by IO themselves.

The first player-curated Featured Contracts will be released on August 25th, but before then, we are also introducing a new theme of blog posts to go alongside our player-curated Contracts: Community Spotlight. Our contract curator for August is Mendietinha – and so he’s the first person to face the spotlight!

If the player-curated contracts is the “exciting stuff to be announced” by IO, I have to admit: it is.


I didn’t use the sniper in BM because I wanted SA. I used it because it was badass and made me feel like an assassin. Unpacking a briefcase and assembling a sniper rifle in the hotel room of a target (whom I’d previously stashed in the bathroom) and shooting a secondary target on the opposite side of the hotel through two panes of glass is one of the coolest memories I have in video games.