Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)


I know, I know. They better make it worth waiting for. If it’s better than season 1 than it’s a succes. But the thing is, they don’t say anything, at all. So far we only got featured contracts and escalations. And to me, that’s really lackluster content. Maybe I get it wrong but now they introduce the curator contracts thing it feels even more lame. Sure it’s cool for the one who can pick those, but even IO doesn’t take the effort to pick them theirselfs? Sure it’s because now they can more focus on season 2 and all, but right now, Hitman is really freaking boring to me. I did most challenges and the maps get boring after so long, no matter what kind of contract I do, so trying something new isn’t really making it more fun now.


No games last forever.


While I’m sure IOI could probably pick them themselves if they needed to, Curators are better at picking them because they have played the game more and know what makes a good contract.


To you yes.

Travis still picked 10 contracts himself, and in addition to that they have curator contracts. Do some research before spouting nonsense.



The funny thing though… even considering the current state of Season 1 after E.T. 26?
We did get our 60 dollars worth. Even if you “closed the box” at ET 26 this is the biggest Hitman game ever made, and didn’t cost more than Absolution for consumers.

There is that consolation. :slight_smile:

In my initial feedback of the game, I opined that once a season stops getting updates, HITMAN will then fall back on being ‘just like the older games’ with static content. All those games are games we eventually left behind.

And basically I think this thread shows that in a way… this is how Episodic has changed consumer behavior. We are now unsatisfied with “boxed full releases where the content is limited”.

And no, don’t tell me a “full release” of HITMAN should have included seasons 2 and 3. Just look at the volume. It’s impossible. Season 2 and 3 are basically sequels at this point.


My main concern comes down to their current timeline in developing the subsequent season. Presently, we don’t know what’s in store. By the time the new “season” comes out, it might be a few years. Yet, I’m not sure whether they’ll simply decide to expand the present game, or make everything from scratch.

If the former is to be considered, it’ll be cheaper and easier to do, and it’s definitely the outcome I’m hoping for. Build about 6 new maps, continue the story, fix the voice acting, tweak the fibre-wire, and get 47 his suitcase back.

I hope it all works out, but I’m hesitant to guess they’ve already been working on continuing the game for a while now.


I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone, but some really need to stop this feeling of self entitlement. If Hitman is getting boring to you now, fair enough.

But don’t act like you didn’t get your money’s worth with the content that has been given to us so far.

Everywhere I look "Give us Season 2 NOW, IO!!"
Calm down…

These things take time. Personally with me, Hitman is all I play and I’m not even complaining or shouting demands. I’m also still not bored with S1 and I put in A LOT of hrs with the game.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as excited for S2 as much as the next guy, but like I said these things take time.

But to those that are complaining (from what I gathered) also play other games as well. So if you’re bored with Hitman currently, well… there are other games you could play in the mean time…

I’m not trying to start an argument here, I’m Just saying… breath people. It’ll happen soon enough.


This is a very legitimate concern - full release or episodic - there is the worry that you don’t strike soon enough after you’ve scored a hit.


Looking Ahead
The October Content Schedule will be released in the first full week of next month. We’ll also be closer to the ‘exciting announcements‘ that we mentioned last month. Until then, enjoy all the content coming your way in the next 30 days.

30 days are too much for me.


We finally have something solid! Please let it be Season 2 :blush: I’ve been waiting for Season 2 announcement for about an year, but for some reason these 30 days seem a lot :smile:


If those ‘exciting announcements’ aren’t season 2 I’ll kill myself

JK no time for that need to play hitman


Nah, it’s a reskinned crystal ball.


It will be user curating users who are curating featured contracts. What else could it be? :smiley:


A certain rectangular item for carrying things around in perhaps?


Wish granted! You now can use a bodybag to smuggle items around!


I was thinking more along the lines of something to put the clothes that you steal from people in :laughing:


A crystal cube maybe?


A crystal coin


A: "Okay people there is this bug where prompts of thrown items dont appear. What could we do?"
B: "We could fix it. But we might have to go deep into the engine, which could take time and might even generate new bugs."
A: "Okay, what else?"
C: "Make all throwable objects break when thrown."
B: "But-"