Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)


I get bummed out when I complete a month’s worth of content within twenty minutes and don’t have much else to do. I also fear by the time season 2 or 3 comes around it’ll be on another console so the whole switchover will be complicated I’m sure. Other than that, I can wait. Hitman is my favorite gaming franchise but I think there could be a few things added to the base game while we wait for season 2 that’ll mix it up a little bit. This is mainly why I feel bored. I guess it could come off as entitled but if I knew more what was going on with the production I’d probably be more patient.


I’m so excited for Season 2 !! I can buy it whatever it costs !! And I’m also very hyped to discover the new locations…
Imagine if it is in Montenegro, Spain, Germany, Brazil or Denmark… I WANNA PLAY SEASON 2


Wow, this tread is still alive. My bet is we are going to see something about season 2 first at the E3 2018


Maybe some news in october. I’am already delete game from PS4, waiting for season 2.


I hope it’s sooner, maybe this christmas?



Thinking about it you’re probably right. I just remembered that IO actually release the first concept art for HITMAN in May of 2014. They released the game 2 years later. So lets hope that we don’t get season 2 in like 2024. ( kidding about the date, but you get what I mean. )


I don’t care when it releases, I just want SOME information. A tease. A picture. An update. ANYTHING. Just something official saying “It’s going well!”

I could wait 3 years if they just kept SOME of the “hype”/ buzz going.


If you notice, in the loading intro for Season 1, there’s a drawn image of the weapons and items in the game - a lot are things we already have…however, there are some things that looks like we’ll get getting in Season 2

  1. There are 4 darts lined up - lethal, sedative, emetic and ?
  2. What looks like a Dart Gun.
  3. Yeeeeaah, fire extinguisher
  4. Sunglasses (not sure about this one, some kind of 007-esque binoculars maybe? lol)
  5. And finally - TWO silenced handguns lying back-to-back.

Fucking excited.

And of course, no sign of a briefcase XD



Neat. Reminds me of that Kingsman movie a little bit actually. It probably won’t be in-game but it would be cool to have a safehouse and you can just open up a closet and see all these items laid out.


yeah, like a “The Big One”. Im not fooled by IOI untill i don’t see the facts. Untill then i don’t belive them - they used to have some kind of humor, where they laughing from community.


If those exciting announcments in october are the comic books I might lose my thrust in IOI




What is this? A meme for ants?


No pain no gain amigo


Bored. Bored! Bored! BOARD!



Lemme just give you a hammer unlock then


Don’t give up hope. I can feel something interesting news is coming!!

Just a feeling!!


Season 2 announcement? No my friends, the exciting announcement is that @Travis_IOI is getting married.

I take a hammer-katana to all your excitement. :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: