Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)


Definitely not a new engine,that’d take way more work and a lot more time. More than the time window they seemed to hint at.


Shigeru Miyamoto is alive, i think you mean Satoru Iwata :slight_smile:


Oh boy,was that a slip up. I always mixed them up,especially when I was younger and played a lot of Kirby! It still happens from time to time,I forget,guess old habits die hard!Thanks for rectifying,I had a feeling I was saying something wrong.


all i’m requesting is for some screenshots, trailers, that’s it, IO can polish the game to max, i’d love that. But, at least some info (other than the confirmation) so i know how long to wait, or just some trailer or screenies that i can look at and be happy :smiley:


And you will get that this year no doubt, but not in January.



I think IO will liquidate. doubt they’ll make season 2


What are you basing that theory on?


I don’t think so. Had they had any sort of monetary issue they would’ve told us,or at the very least start something like a GoFundMe/Kickstarter campaign. I’m sure people would donate for the iconic brand that Hitman is,too.


When they ask you how you are and you just have to say that you are fine,but you’re not really fine but you just don’t have the time to get into it because they would never understand


this generations almost over and theres not a peep about season 2. at that pace they’ll never be able to finish season 3 in time. their plans clearly changed.


I am patient enough believe me😉 but all i want is a small little tiny teaser, at least…


@Torbjorn_IOI recently like my post which is more than a month ago.

Let’s create more speculations :smirk:.


@anyone&everyone, would it be smart to assume that the first level of season two would come out after the same amount of ETs that sapienza did? Just trying to find some correlation…


Does anyone besides me did some game development? (I used to as a hobby). Season 2 will have new cutscenes, new levels, maybe new animations, etc. This stuff takes TIME.

I read somewhere that the Hitman Legacy trailer (which is clearly has the same cinematic style for the cutscenes in the game) took 6 months to make alone. People really need to learn to have patience.

It would’ve been little different if HITMAN come as a whole game back in March 2016.


Cutscenes in general,with a smaller team,if High Quality,can take a long ass time. And I mean reeeeaaally long. So yeah,we are going to be waiting,thankfully Hitman doesn’t heavily rely on too many of them but this season is apparently going to be the one with the most plot,or atleast with more plot than season 1 so it’s safer to assume that it’ll take longer for the whole game. I predict a beta soon though,late 2018/early 2019.


I think that their current strategy is to reactivate all the ETs so that the new players can keep playin’ the game. When the last ET will be reactivated (probably in June) and when they will have no more content to share, they will make an annoucement. They buy themselves time and they’re right.


At the time E3 is live :thinking:


You remember there are 26 elusive targets and they are reactivating 2 per month, right?


To be honest, I’ve lost count. I guess we can hold till next December at this pace… :pensive: