Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)


Didn’t the gunrunner activate just two days after the sensation ended though? That’s pretty quick


It actually came out on Friday and the same week The Sensation expired which was on Monday. This might be the pace on how they are doing the rest. This was also the same pace they did for The Congressman and The Prince. So, I’m going to guess the ETs are finished with in early December or late November 2018.


Just 5 more months till the E3 to finally see a trailer and then another year for the release or a line at the end of the trailer saying “Coming Soon” :sweat_smile:


Lurking the thread every day. :laughing:

Still believe in the first S2 mission this summer.


Keep hope alive, might be soon…


Fingers crossed, the hope it always get when scrolling through Twitter and stuff hoping to see confirmation of a new Hitman game altogether or Season 2. :wink:


Will season 2 be implemented into the current game or will it be a completely separate game :thinking:
Having 12 levels in the one game exe would be better imo


I think the late overhauls of the menus and the “Season 1” option under the campaign hub suggests that it will be implemented into the current game.


It says season 1? didnt notice :yum:


Do we really think we may not hear anything at all until summer?


Depends if you want more than cryptic tweets from Travis. :smile:


Who’s summer? I’m living in australia and I don’t want to have to wait another 11 months :hushed:


Well it is a fact. E3 is almost just around the corner.


My thoughts and worries exactly. I just don’t see any other reason for going silent about season 2 all of a sudden, the only damn hint we have of it is some french interview which indirectly confirms it.


Their financial reports directly confirmed it.


This is getting a little ridiculous. Do people still believe we are getting three seasons in one game? Next Gen consoles are going to be releasing most likely around Season 3 if this is the pace we are going at. I’m a little worried


do you have some insider knowledge we don’t know about? If so, I’m glad I have a PC and don’t have to worry about buying the new PlayStation 5.



It was said very early on that HITMAN was designed to be a platform. It makes a lot of sense to have the 3 seasons on one platform, especially considering how the menu tiles have been designed. Season 1 is there as one tile under Campaign, it only makes sense that Season 2 and 3 will have their own tiles in the same space.


I guess S3 comes if S2 is a success. Let us not think about it too much for now. Imagining a game double the size we have now is already enough for me being happy.


But the pace is pretty good? We started getting Season 1 in 2016. We’ll start getting Season 2 in 2018. If all goes well, probably Season 3 in 2020. Seems like a fine schedule to me tbh.
Yeeeeep! Can’t wait for all the new locations, new secrets and new mechanics hinted at on Patient Zero :smiley: