Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)


My hope at us getting anything in 2018 is sort of getting dimmer by the day but I would like to think your release schedule is accurate and I think the three season structure will work just fine in that time. The lack of news and how slow the ETs are moving kind of concerns me but I could see maybe Episode One being released by December. And I don’t expect a major console shift within two years.

More broadly to the topic, the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 were both massive for over a decade and in some regard still are. I could see the PS4 and Xbox One lasting for a while. The best games usually come out toward the end of a console generation so I’m kind of excited that Hitman season 3 could be in that scenario and it could be the best Hitman experience of all time. And as you said about the mechanics introduced it kind of excites me as to what could be coming because the idea of branching characters (Jeff), crazy assassination scenarios that almost become improvisational (Patient Zero the mission).


No insider knowledge, but I said at the pace we are going. Consoles last 6-10 years before it’s next iteration… usually (looking at you Nintendo lol) so in 2013 we got PS4/Xbox One, around 2020 we might be getting an upgrade. I hope we get some news soon though, even some cryptic tweets from Travis would be alright about now.


I’d expect to hear something regarding Season 2 at E3 in June, 2018. GOTY: PZ was put in place to tide us over until then - as were the ET Reactivations. Considering the efforts IOI have recently gone to to keep Season 1 prevalent and active, it would seem unlikely that they would not compliment these revitalisations with Season 2. Especially with this new campaign menu:

To re-design the campaign menu since the release of GOTY: PZ and NOT include a Season 2 tab would be such a troll move.




That’s my gif :joy::joy:


If IOI were a big enough team, then I’d agree with the first sentence. Despite the split it caused in the Hitman community, lots of people - myself included - loved Absolution. But your second sentence has no place in the universe of the sane and normal.


I want both. I want to complete Providence\shadow client story, but I want to kill Birdie and Faulkner too



-20 Character Limit


that ship sailed a long long time ago my friend. if thats what ur holding onto, i dont think Hitman has anything else to offer you as a franchise now and forever


I would prefer season 2. While I found absolution one of the least hitman games. I really loved the game. Its a good game opose to other games. Loved the tarantino vibe, story, and gameplay. But still prefer the sandboxes. Really hope story goes a bit faster pace then season one. Loved shadow client character alot and hope for indeed 3 seasons with him but a bit more please… so a bit of a mix please.


I know right, how dare I voice my opinion about this subject?



I know right, how dare @BernardoOne voice HIS opinion about this subject?


I just saw “get out” movie today. In a scene, there is a music that reminds me a lot jesper kyd’s style :

Please IOI, use a hungarian choir or something similar in season 2 :pray: :hugs: :pray:
I miss Blood money/Contracts dramatic atmosphere.


Honestly, I think S2 will be a seperate game at this point. I think the seasonal format is a bit much of a risk for IOI with their precarious position, so hopefully they’re just developing a new game.


Even though we were told a long time ago that S2 was half-finished? Do you think they’d let that go to waste? Or do you think they’ll move that work into a new game? Can they even do that?

I know very little about the process outside of basic coding and animation, but is it possible that they could “upgrade” or augment the engine in any way?


Yeah absolutely, but the problem is if they change anything, how would that affect anything mechanically in season 1?


Of course, but I guess I assumed that if they had any plans to do that, they would have build season 1 with that in mind. Though, that is something I keep wondering about. How much will they really evolve the game over time if they’re going to have to be revising the existing content every step of the way?

Another thing I wonder is whether we can glean anything from the fact that they’ve asked for feedback on contracts mode. Do we know whether or not contracts is one of the last things they work on before a release, or are they more likely working on everything at once?

I’m just jonesin’ for some Hitman, man.


Its pretty normal for a game to be worked on by many teams at once, all in different stages of production.
For instance, the level designers might be working on Marrakesh while the artists might be drawing designs for Hokkaido while the Gui designers might be working on an update while another team work out how to implement our feedback into contracts mode.

i feel you bro